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dramaturgy: Alice just made a huge ">[" face when Moody called Neville the witless wonder. I love my hed.
llaynicorn: xD
duchessdollydot: Moody: ::didn't call him a witless wonder::
dramaturgy: Well, you know.
duchessdollydot: Moody: ::Adamant about this fact::
duchessdollydot: Trish: ::whispers:: That was a tough time for him.
dramaturgy: Liz: *whispers* Got it.
dramaturgy: Doge: You didn't want to teach anyway. Most thankless job I've ever had.
duchessdollydot: Aggie: I take offense to that. Did you want flowers? ::not afraid of being mouthy with Doge now that he's no longer her professor::
duchessdollydot: Moody: I didn't want to be locked up in a trunk all year either! Those bloody-- didn't take me seriously-- those young Aurors--
dramaturgy: Doge: XD
dramaturgy: Doge: *laughing at Aggie, not - yeah*
duchessdollydot: Moody: *should damn well hope not*
dramaturgy: Doge: Alastor, I would never laugh at you. *perfectly straight-faced*
ilostmycard: Moody: Yeah, yeah, hatboy.
duchessdollydot: Hestia: Na na na na na na na na Hatman! :D
dramaturgy: Doge: ... what?
llaynicorn: haha!
dramaturgy: Hestia: Nevermind.
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duchessdollydot: Aggie: ::Doesn't get it either::
duchessdollydot: Bertha: ::does!::
duchessdollydot:...I wonder if Val's coming back.
dramaturgy: I don't know.
dramaturgy: But I just saw pizza on TV and now I'm like mm pizza
duchessdollydot: Dumbledore: ::can't help but think that phoenixman is better than hatman::
duchessdollydot: Mm, pizza.
dramaturgy: Yesssss.
dramaturgy: Hestia: But I was being CLEVER.
dramaturgy: Megan: Mum. Stop. -.-
duchessdollydot: Magnus: You were? Hm, must have missed that.
duchessdollydot: Trish's characters: ::MOB::
dramaturgy: Hestia: What is this, pit ALL of the characters EVER against me?
dramaturgy: Megan: *guilt* >_>
duchessdollydot: Seth: I'm on your side. I make bad jokes all the time!
duchessdollydot: Seth: But they're always clever.
dramaturgy: Edgar: *would testify to that*
duchessdollydot: Seth: Would but can't?
dramaturgy: Edgar: Not without lying.
duchessdollydot: Seth: Oh, so they are good jokes.
dramaturgy: Edgar: No, that's not the part I'd be lying about.
duchessdollydot: Seth: Cleverness is in the wit of the beholder.
dramaturgy: Edgar: That doesn't even make sense, Seth.
duchessdollydot: Seth: It must be too clever for you to understand.
dramaturgy: Edgar: ... I spend too much time with people under the age of five. I have no response to that.
duchessdollydot: Seth: It's okay, Edgar. If my kids had that many vowels in their names, my brain would be worn out, too.
dramaturgy: Edgar: You don't have kids, genius.
duchessdollydot: Seth: I don't? Damn, I should stop feeding those toddlers in the living room, then.
dramaturgy: Anne: You can have my three if you want.
dramaturgy: Edgar: Your th- hey. -.-
duchessdollydot: Seth: Sure, I can whip Eddie into shape. I'll trade him for my dog.
dramaturgy: Anne: Sounds like a plan.
dramaturgy: Jonathan: Dog?
dramaturgy: Jonathan: Goes ARF! :]
duchessdollydot: Seth: Very good! And what does Daddy go?
dramaturgy: Jonathan: Daddy goes HI
dramaturgy: Edgar: *does say that a lot*
duchessdollydot: Seth: What does Uncle Francis go?
dramaturgy: Jonathan: Bad words.
duchessdollydot: Seth: Oh.
dramaturgy: Jonathan: Yeah. Trouble.
dramaturgy: Edgar: Congratulations, he has an audience to be cute for. You're never going to get rid of him.
duchessdollydot: Seth: Well, I did give Anne my dog. It wouldn't be fair if I didn't get to keep the toddlers.


duchessdollydot: http://images.countingdown.com/images/countdowns/movies/3541144/3541144_main.jpg That boy looks a lot like Nicholas.
dramaturgy:... That is Nicholas.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: SAY IT. I DARE YOU. *gives a Death Look to anyone*
duchessdollydot: What a coincidence, he has his hands all over Heather!
dramaturgy: DJ: ... *snerk*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: HEATHER AND NICHOLAS, SITTIN' IN A TREE...
duchessdollydot: Octavian: WHO'S THE GENTLEMAN NOW, NICHOLAS?
dramaturgy: Nicholas: I'll gentleman you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: RAPE! RAPE!
dramaturgy: Nicholas: -.-
dramaturgy: DJ: *just strained something laughing*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Why don't you go gentleman Heather.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: Maybe I'll go shortsheet your bed.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: *and Heathcote's just because he can*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: That wouldn't be gentlemanly.
llaynicorn: Heathcote: You will not! >[
dramaturgy: HAHA MADE YOU TALK
llaynicorn: hahaha!
dramaturgy: Nicholas: *DOES*
llaynicorn: Heathcote: >[ >[ LKJSLKJSD.
llaynicorn: Heathcote: *whaps Nicholas with his new guitar*
dramaturgy: Nicholas: x_x
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::shortsheets Nicholas's bed::
dramaturgy: DJ: *can't officially condone this act of violence as Head Girl, but privately thanks Heathcote*
llaynicorn: Heathcote: :] *knew that it'd come in handy for something, as he sure can't play it yet*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::glad that now Heathcote will never play it::
llaynicorn: Heathcote: O_o *strums an off chord* Still works. :]
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::thinks he and Nicholas really need to burn that thing::
dramaturgy: Alex: *fixes Heathcote's fingers on the frets* Try again, mate.
llaynicorn: Heathcote: *does* ...!!! :O
dramaturgy: Alex: :]
llaynicorn: Heathcote: *follows Alex around, asking to learn more* :D
duchessdollydot: Kirley: ::glad Heathcote isn't following him around::
dramaturgy: Alex: *see? knows stuff*
dramaturgy: Alex: *was teaching Heather violin too but she was WEIRD and stuff*
llaynicorn: Heathcote: *might follow Kirley around when he can't find Alex*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::wishes he could finish teaching Heather or burn the violin, because she's awful at it::
duchessdollydot: Kirley: ::could handle teaching Heathcote sometimes:: So, Alex. Want to play together sometime?
dramaturgy: Alex: Sure.
duchessdollydot: Kirley: Brill.
duchessdollydot: From Kitty:
duchessdollydot: (When I showed her the Nicholas/Heather)
duchessdollydot: (AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Heather just like, choked and flailed and denied heavily. XD)
dramaturgy: Nicholas: Yeah, well, SAME.
dramaturgy: (I give it a year or two tops before they're making out.)
duchessdollydot: (AHAHAHAHA. Octavian's going to laugh. So. Hard.)
duchessdollydot: That is, if he isn't sekritly jelus.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::NOT going to be jealous. Might think of Nicholas as a traitor, though.::
dramaturgy: Nicholas: *has hormones too*
dramaturgy: DJ: Which is why you should be drowned.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: Don't you have a Quidditch captain to be making out with?
duchessdollydot: Fabian: ::might be stuck in Asher's body at the moment::
duchessdollydot: Aggie: I hate when they get hormones.
duchessdollydot: Aggie: ::doesn't think she needs to mention how unfair it is that Fabian ended up with the significant other::
dramaturgy: Julia: *thinks Nicholas should have to live with the knowledge of them doing god knows what in the next room*
dramaturgy: Nicholas: Ew.
dramaturgy: Julia: I know.
duchessdollydot: Aggie: They were at our house for his birthday.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: And then he gave me the sex talk.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: ... XD
dramaturgy: Julia: Talk about awkward.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Him and Magnus both, and they'd both just had it, it was-- I'M FOURTEEN!
dramaturgy: Julia: *patpat*
duchessdollydot: I told Kitty about your comment about Heather/Nicholas and she said: Heather just went, and I quote, "EW."
dramaturgy: XD
duchessdollydot: Octavian: YOU KNOW WHAT MAGNUS SAID, THOUGH?
duchessdollydot: Aggie: ::Doesn't want to know::
duchessdollydot: Octavian: On New Year's Eve DJ and Fabian tried to go to his house, and he left them a heart-shaped bed and breath mints like in one of those motel places.
likeabaroness has entered the room.
duchessdollydot: YESS YOU CAVED.
dramaturgy: omg it's teh Kitteh

duchessdollydot: But then I found the picture of Nicholas/Heather. And it went downhill from there.
dramaturgy: So far downhill.
duchessdollydot: Waaay downhill.
thinkatory: Heather: *suspects that must have been an extreme instance, like extreme cold and need for body heat, as she would never allow that*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You're SMILING.
thinkatory: Heather: ... I am not!
duchessdollydot: Octavian: CAREFUL, HE'LL COP A FEEL.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::might have made a bet that he couldn't do it::
dramaturgy: Nicholas: I wouldn't spit on you if you were on fire, why would I put my arm around you if you needed body heat?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well, Aren and I both put three sickles in...
duchessdollydot: Aren: ::Thinks Nicholas is going to get hexed::
thinkatory: Heather: *thinks maybe Violet had the right idea, except for the disowning thing*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: She'll get Heathcote to hex him.
duchessdollydot: Aren: ...does Heathcote know any hexes?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: If he did, you'd think we'd have seen one by now.
dramaturgy: Nicholas: No he'll just beat you viciously with his guitar.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: It'd be better than hearing him try to play it.
thinkatory: Heather: Or perhaps he's just too patient to hex you. *likes Heathcote well enough*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: But he's not too patient to beat us viciously with his guitar. :D
thinkatory: Heather: You knew I - *huff*
thinkatory: (New buddyicon, or shall I stick with the guitar?)
dramaturgy: (I like the guitar!)
dramaturgy: (But you can have a new one if you want.)
dramaturgy: Nicholas: *snigger*
duchessdollydot: *sniggers* The review of Heather/Nicholas's movie.
duchessdollydot: On IMDB.com
duchessdollydot: User Comments: this movie is very bad (more)
duchessdollydot: in fact, it was positively, without a doubt, the worst collection of moving images i have ever looked at in my thirty-three years on this planet.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::figures it had to be a comedy::
thinkatory: Seriously, of all PBs.
thinkatory: It could only be better if it was like. Hm.
thinkatory: John Cusack/Christina Ricci.
dramaturgy: HAHAHAHA
thinkatory: Fabian: *goes into Cruciatic pain at the very thought*
dramaturgy: Hestia: :\
duchessdollydot: Seth: ::does too, coincidentally::
thinkatory:... *checks*
thinkatory: Nope, no Christina/John...
thinkatory: Alas. ... Right, homework.
llaynicorn: Kitty, your icon.
llaynicorn: It changed.
thinkatory: Yes. XD
llaynicorn: :O
thinkatory: I can change it back, if you like.
duchessdollydot: I FOUND THE TRAILER.
thinkatory: Of? ... oh god.
thinkatory: XD
llaynicorn: XD
duchessdollydot: *DIES*
llaynicorn: trailer?
dramaturgy: Trailer?
duchessdollydot: http://movies.yahoo.com/shop?d=hv&cf=trailer&id=1808590342
duchessdollydot: I am dead.
thinkatory: *waits*
thinkatory: One, wtf?
thinkatory: Two, XD
duchessdollydot: Three: DANCING!
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I told you it was a comedy!
dramaturgy: Nicholas: *wishes he were dead*
llaynicorn: Ohhh.
duchessdollydot: That must in all honesty be a really bad movie.
thinkatory: Totally.
dramaturgy: Steve Burton dated Tara Reid?
dramaturgy: My world has been thrown upside down.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ::makes Trish watch the trailer again::
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Who's the old bloke?
dramaturgy: Nicholas: I hate you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Is that Heather climbing on top of you?
thinkatory: Heather: It must be Polyjuice. *glower*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: But Nicholas has hormones too! ::Mimics::
llaynicorn: Heathcote: Unfortunately. 9_9
thinkatory: Heather: And I want nothing to do with them!
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Mmhm.

thinkatory: Taminopost.
duchessdollydot: Aw, that icon's adorable.
duchessdollydot: Thom: ...mate? I don't think the lesbian's going to have any insight on this one.
thinkatory: I'm not sure why the inkspills. I think he must be knocking it over with the bong or something.
thinkatory: Tamino: SHE'S A GIRL THEY KNOW STUFF.
dramaturgy: XD
duchessdollydot: Thom: But she's never had to use birth control.
thinkatory: Tamino: ... ... NOT THE POINT, MATE.
duchessdollydot: Trish: Well, that's too little too late, Thom, eh?
duchessdollydot: Thom: Don't think she's ever thought she might be pregnant, either.
thinkatory: Kitty: What a coincidence, those two things match up.
duchessdollydot: :-)
dramaturgy: All the fathers in my head are acknowledging this as a part of the "omgwtf" stage. I'm not sure what this says, but um. XD
duchessdollydot: Jack and John are really sympathizing with Tamino here.
duchessdollydot: (What a coincidence, Jack and John both have the same name, really.)
thinkatory:... it's the ninth? WTF
duchessdollydot: It is.

thinkatory: Dunstanpost.

duchessdollydot: Bertha: Gabe, HE'S SHAGGING MONA. COME KILL HIM.
duchessdollydot: I'm pretty sure that if Bertha walked in on that, she grabbed Patricia and ran to Gabe's flat.
dramaturgy: Gabe: >_>
thinkatory: Oh great, private comment war.
thinkatory: With myself.
thinkatory: *goes for it*
dramaturgy: Gabe: Um. Officer of the law, here, sort of.
duchessdollydot: Bertha: OFFICER OF HUMAN RIGHTS.
dramaturgy: Gabe: I'm not sure you should yell with Patricia right there in your arms. Just saying. >_>
duchessdollydot: Bertha: ::hisses:: They were shagging right in front of her. ::thinks the child must be scarred:: We're going to have to put her through years of therapy.
dramaturgy: Gabe: ... ... ... ... we? o_O
duchessdollydot: Bertha: Mona and I. Are you paying for it, too?
dramaturgy: Gabe: No, was just checking.
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