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I like wind.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Or perhaps disgusted.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Not all of us are as jaded as you, Narcissa. In fact, most of us are not.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Terrible shame. It was certainly part of the fun.

occultebelta: Rachel's icons are fantastic.

duchessdollydot: It upsets me how awesome hers are.

occultebelta:I know.

occultebelta: Too bad you still look the same in them.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Godlike, you mean?

duchessdollydot: Sirius: If gods looks like mops.

occultebelta: Narcissa: ... oh, definitely not. Don't flatter yourself.

duchessdollydot: Fabian: He has to. No one else is going to do it!

duchessdollydot: ...Bee. *Help.*


duchessdollydot: You're killing YOURSELF. I think I'm dead.

occultebelta: *so amused* Lock them all up except for whoever you want out at a given time!

duchessdollydot: Ideally I don't want ANY of them out.

occultebelta: Well, perhaps. XD Lucius was out first, in all fairness.

duchessdollydot: Lucius never shuts up.

occultebelta: Narcissa: God, everyone knows that.

duchessdollydot: ...I have a lot of characters who know that.

occultebelta: This is true.

occultebelta: Narcissa: They don't deal with him at three in the morning.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Evil snarky bastards have their best moments at three in the morning, Narcissa. You're just going to have to accept that.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Or move into a guest bedroom. Which, really, is looking to be a lovely option.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Going to sleep with the elves, are you, dearest?

occultebelta: Narcissa: Of course not, they prefer your company.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I don't try to kill them the way you do.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I suspect that may have something to do with it.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You ought to be more gentle with them, Narcissa. We want them alive.

occultebelta: Narcissa: ... are you not seeing the irony in what you just said?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Absolutely not. Really Narcissa, I won't have weak House Elves.

duchessdollydot: (I think that between the two of them, it's really obvious how they end up with only one by canon time)

occultebelta: (Pregnancy difficulties or not, I think they enjoy bickering too much.)

occultebelta: Narcissa: You're lecturing me about being gentle.

duchessdollydot: (XD I meant one House Elf, but that makes sense, too...)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::wounded:: I'm not gentle?

occultebelta: (AHAHAHA THIS TOO. *stupids* It's late.)

occultebelta: Narcissa: Who are you kidding?

duchessdollydot: (XD)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: That's not what my-- manicurist says.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *pushes a pillow into Lucius's hands* Touching, truly. You can sleep in the guest room tonight.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Well the House Elves do like me best.


occultebelta: (Narcissa's surprised that he even caught a pun. Or that he understands puns.)

occultebelta: Narcissa: Oh, how sweet. Adored by things that can barely speak English.

duchessdollydot: (Seth never met Narcissa and therefore doesn't think she should judge him.)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: What do you have against things that barely speak English?

occultebelta: Narcissa: They have a low mentality.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: There are some things you don't need a brain for, Narcissa.

occultebelta: Narcissa: So let them please you. There's no need for me.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Oh, I do, but you never seem to be pleased by that.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Well, go off, have your little romp or whatnot. I have an owl to write. Florence and I are considering a short little vacation, from the winter weather.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: People are going to start thinking you're an item.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Well, perhaps we'll take Magnus with us, then.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::face red:: You're not going anywhere with him.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Why not? He and Florence are married, you know, and that'll prevent any rumours about Florence and I. It's a perfect situation.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: That won't prevent rumours. Or casual sex.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Well, I suppose that's true. Nevertheless, I'm sure both Magnus and Florence would appreciate a holiday, and I would as well. And it's been so long since I've had a chance to speak with Magnus. *purposely pushing his buttons*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: That's only because Magnus doesn't even have the mental capacity to get himself out of Greece.

occultebelta: Narcissa: He's been home, now, for awhile.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I'm sorry for not keeping tabs on the blood traitor. The way you run around with them is disgraceful.

occultebelta: Narcissa: And I'm sure you were careful to check the blood purity of all the women you find on the street and then bring back home.,

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I'm more thorough than you are.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Incidentally, both Magnus and Florence are pureblooded. Unlike your charming girls.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You don't know that they aren't.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Oh, how relieving. You only sleep with the highest class of whores.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Don't scowl, it'll affect your skin.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Not that it matters, you're barely looking at me.

duchessdollydot: (I think I definitely caught Rachel's Lucius when the voices were flying around)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: And whose fault is that?

occultebelta: (Haha. Lucky you!)

occultebelta: Narcissa: Hm, yours, it seems. Or perhaps it's best this way. Who knows what diseases you've got from all of them.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: If you weren't so intent upon burning a hole through my head, I might look at you more closely. You are rather attractive when you aren't playing the jealous hag.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Why would I be jealous of a girl who's lucky to earn a few Galleons a night? For Christ's sake, Lucius, don't blame my unwillingness to let you touch me on jealousy.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Well I'm not about to pay for you.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I don't want your money.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then what do you want?

occultebelta: Narcissa: For you to go sleep in the guest room tonight and try talking to me again in the morning. *does her best to push him out of the room, and is quite obviously failing*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: If you're trying to force me out of my own room, I suggest you reconsider.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Why?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::grabs wrist:: Because I'm not leaving and I can overpower you without a thought.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *tosses head* Or so you think you can, anyway.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You won't find that I'm gentle.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I've never found that.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then you can appreciate consistency.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *unimpressed* Oh, yes, no spontaneous ideas, please no, they might be too much for a faint woman like myself.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::rollseyes:: Oh, poor Narcissa, she can't have a gentle fuck because all she can do is fight, I feel so badly for her.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I don't want you to touch me, that's what I want. You just do so because you're bored.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::actually sort of shocked at that conclusion:: A-and y-you j-just-- ::decides not to speak and goes to the bathroom because damnit, the stutter is back::

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::STALKS::

occultebelta: Narcissa: *snorts* I'll just wait here until you can talk again, all right? *really knows better than to make fun of, but ...*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I w-was h-hop-- g-g-go find a F-f-f-f-f-lint, you. ::pause. purses lips::

occultebelta: Narcissa: What's that? I can't understand.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Goodnight.

occultebelta: Narcissa: The guest room down the hall has already been made up. *satisfied smile*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then you should have no problem sleeping there.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Oh, that's where you're wrong, dear. I'm sleeping here tonight.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: This is my bedroom in my house, darling.

occultebelta: Narcissa: You sound terribly unconvincing. *sits down on bed* So I suppose I'll have to sleep here.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then we'll sleep together.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Fine. I'm sure we can enlarge the bed.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Two married people sharing one bed, what a remarkable thought.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I know, the idea of it is hard for you to fathom. As an addendum to that thought, it's remarkable how sharing a bed can occasionally lead to the heirs that you are so dearly wanting.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Or not, in your case.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Ah, yes, but I thought we'd established I had no say. *somewhat hurt, as she did want the last one*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Well the lack of heirs isn't my doing.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Nor is it mine.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: It will be if you continue to enlarge the bed.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I'm just making sure that you'll have enough room.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I'm sure I can fit. Or have you been gaining weight recently?

occultebelta: Narcissa: *frowns* The only weight I've ever put on since this marriage was in attempts to carry your wretched children.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then you can't be worried about my needing more space. ::will have to weigh himself later::

occultebelta: Narcissa: Well, there still needs to be room. Again, I don't know what diseases you might be carrying.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I haven't given you any in the past, have I?

occultebelta: Narcissa: I haven't got a clue. Perhaps you're why I can't keep a child.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You would have more symptoms than miscarriages, Narcisssa.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Are you a Healer now, too?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I've had to speak with enough of them to know.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Those miscarriages cost us a fortune.

occultebelta: Narcissa: You're not bankrupt. And they cost more than that.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::changing into his nightrobe:: Then hopefully you'll be more careful than to go out in public when there's a plague going about.

occultebelta: Narcissa: It's gone, genius.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: And so is Lucius the Second.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I am not having any child of mine named Lucius.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Why not? It's a good name.

occultebelta: Narcissa: It's ridiculous. He'll be named something far less ... *purses lips* Pompous.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Like Narcissus?

occultebelta: Narcissa: *unimpressed* Perhaps Samuel. *again, doing this just to piss him off, surprise surprise*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::splutters:: Samuel?

occultebelta: Narcissa: Or Gordon.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I will not permit you to be the mother of my child if you name him after a colossus.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Fine. What do you think of the name Christopher?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: It's common.

occultebelta: Narcissa: David?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: There are Mudbloods named David.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Joseph?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I'm not listening to this nonsense. Goodnight, Narcissa.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I thought it was a perfectly valid suggestion, you know. It's a lovely name.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I won't have a son called Joe.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Arthur, then? Or perhaps Steven.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Yes, and let's give him the middle name Weasley,and we'll dye his hair red, what a brilliant idea.

occultebelta: Narcissa: James? Patrick? Really, Lucius, these are all fine names.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Make a list of them and burn it.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Why? At this rate, we'll never have a child anyway.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You do make that particularly difficult.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Let's see. It's late evening. Check. I'm in "your" bedroom. Check. I'm dressed for bed. Check. I'm fairly sure that my end of this bargain is being fulfilled.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then you should be impregnated any second now.

occultebelta: Narcissa: You're the one failing at this task. *shrugs and sits down at the vanity to comb her hair*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You might not be aware of this, but in some marriages, sex isn't a task.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Not that you'd know. *picks up brush* We seemed fine enough at Christmas, not particularly treating it like a task.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I must not be bored enough yet.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Heaven forbid. You didn't seem bored then.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: And you weren't quite so frigid. Goodnight, dear, we can discuss this further in the morning.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *slams down brush and stands up* I am not frigid. If you actually gave a damn -

duchessdollydot: Lucius: What, Narcissa? You might actually kiss me?

occultebelta: Narcissa: - like you used to, before that ridiculous wedding, when I wasn't just another piece of scenery!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Well if you gave a damn, you might not s-s-s- w-w-aste yourself on those F-F-FLINTS!

occultebelta: Narcissa: Who else is there to talk about that'll get your attention as fast?!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You have a strange way of showing that you want my attention, kicking me out of my own bedroom.

occultebelta: Narcissa: It's ours. Not yours, ours!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: It was mine first.

occultebelta: Narcissa: So that's what this whole marriage is. A game of who owned what first.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::rollseyes::

occultebelta: Narcissa: Don't roll your eyes. Get up.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: This is my bed, we've been over this.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Get up. It's not about your bed.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I don't take orders.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Get. Up. Now.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Or what?

occultebelta: Narcissa: *silent*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: No really, Narcissa, I'm curious.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *snaps* Just get up!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: What the hell do you want?

occultebelta: Narcissa: I want you to get the hell out of bed.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: And do what?

occultebelta: Narcissa: Just get up.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: All right, Narcissa, I'll get up. But I'm not coming back to bed once I do.

occultebelta: Narcissa: That's fine. *waits*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Don't blame me for this. Tonight you forced me into someone else's bed.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Stop whining. Are you up?

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::climbs out of bed and starts changing into his robes::

occultebelta: Narcissa: No. Stop. *just completely fed up* You're not leaving quite yet.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Oh, try stopping me.

occultebelta: Narcissa: All I want you to do is to look around this room of yours and tell me what belongs to you. So I can take my things and leave.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Leave and your friends will be dead before next week.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Your threats don't scare me. And at this point, I'm sure they no longer scare Florence. If you don't tell me what is yours, I'll have to guess at what is mine.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You don't understand. If you're not with me, I have no reason to keep them alive. I don't have to keep you happy for a fuck anymore.

occultebelta: Narcissa: We'll still be married. We can't change that. And I'll be sure to stop by for visits.

duchessdollydot: (Once upon a time, there was this hole. Now there's a crater.)

occultebelta: (XD THANK GOD IT'S JUST META.)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then we can attend the funerals together. I'll practice crying for the camera.

occultebelta: Narcissa: You don't think I'm serious.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You don't think I am, either.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: No, I know you're serious. But you don't believe me. Or do you not care about them, either?

occultebelta: Narcissa: *says nothing, choosing instead to open a closet and begin pulling robes out*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::has been waiting for a long time for an excuse to murder Flints:: Once again, goodnight, Narcissa. ::moves for the door::

occultebelta: Narcissa: Don't you dare!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: And now she wants me to stay. It's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but Narcissa, this is absurd.

occultebelta: Narcissa: Don't you dare touch any of my friends.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: What are you going to do, tell the authorities? Why don't you show them your Mark while you're there?

occultebelta: Narcissa: *desperate* Don't you dare! *approaches him* Don't!

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Then let's go to our bed, kiss and make up, and forget this even happened.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *hesitates*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: I think we've both said some things we don't mean because we're frustrated.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *... now positive this isn't Lucius* *still silent*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: But if you threaten to leave again, I will under no uncertain terms kill the first Flint I find.

occultebelta: Narcissa: I ... all right.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: Thank you. Now let's go back to bed.

occultebelta: Narcissa: *rather cowed* *returns to quietly hanging the robes back up*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::tired, but satisfied:: ::sighs and changes out of his robes, again::

occultebelta: Narcissa: *finishes and sits on the edge of the bed, looking very much like a child*

duchessdollydot: Lucius: You can sit there all night or you can join me, that's your decision.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::uses his talking-to-a-child tone::

occultebelta: Narcissa: I plan to go to bed, thank you.

duchessdollydot: Lucius: As you wish. ::reclines and closes his eyes:: Goodnight.

duchessdollydot: (XD I'm imagining their roles reversed, with Narcissa threatening to kill one of his friends if he tried to leave... he'd be like, "Oh, please don't kill Bellatrix, she's my dearest friend...")

occultebelta: Narcissa: *pulls the covers down and lays down as well, wondering if it would be far too obvious if she curled into a ball in an attempt to be far away*

occultebelta: (jdkslajdklsad AHAHHAHAHAH. Yes. It would be perfect.)

duchessdollydot: Lucius: ::goes to sleep and probably ends up with his arms attached to some part of her body when he wakes up in the morning, because he's probably the biggest snuggler in the world in his sleep::

occultebelta: Narcissa: *probably spends most of the night awake and very tense, hoping that if she doesn't move he may take his hands back and stop touching her*

duchessdollydot: XD And that one's resolved!
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