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I like wind.

duchessdollydot: XD When he told me that he had been married before, I was like, "... No you weren't." At first he said, "Married with two kids," and I was like, "Now that's just ridiculous. Try again."

occultebelta: Hahahaha, classic. Married is easier to handle than married with kids.

duchessdollydot: Yeah. I was like, "Alyssa might not be ready for a father with kids." Although maybe she got to the flat and woke up in the morning to see Igor feeding his kids. XD

occultebelta: Well. That would be awkward.

occultebelta: Alyssa: .... ah. I'll just, ah. Go.

duchessdollydot: Igor: ... I had already called the babysitter, but all right. *might have mentioned that the land lady was also functioning as his sitter, but decided it wasn't the time*

occultebelta: Alyssa: Oh. I didn't know. *is practically frozen* I can, ah. Stay, then.

duchessdollydot: Igor: This is April, and that's Andrew. *nods at the toddler*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... those are nice names. *smiles weakly* How, er. How old are they?

duchessdollydot: Igor: Andrew's going to turn two next week, and April's fourteen months.

occultebelta: ((Ten months apart, classy. XD))

occultebelta: Alyssa: Wow. Um. Well, congratulations.

duchessdollydot: (XD And the wife's been dead a year. So she went extreme mountain climbing a month after she had a baby. Try that out for size, Eleanor. >_>)

occultebelta: ((El: ... she was mad.))

duchessdollydot: Igor: Thank you. They were with the landlady last night. I, er. Should have mentioned.

occultebelta: Alyssa: It's fine. It's - well, it's been a long time. I understand.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *brings April to Alyssa* Would you like to meet her?

occultebelta: Alyssa: *still pretty frozen* Ah. Well. I guess so. Okay. *finds children terrifying*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *smiles* April, this is Alyssa. Alyssa, this is April Nolin.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *tentative* Hi. Not that you understand me. But hi.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I think she's catching on.

duchessdollydot: April: *reaches for Alyssa's hair*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *quickly lets her catch his finger instead* No, we're not going to do that with people we've just met.

occultebelta: Alyssa: She's very sweet. *is still rather boggled by this whole thing*

duchessdollydot: Igor: You're catching her on a good day.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Oh. Well. I'm glad, then.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Are you going to be okay with this?

occultebelta: Alyssa: What? *looks away from the baby* Yes. I mean, I will be.

duchessdollydot: Igor: All right. *kisses her cheek* Thank you.

duchessdollydot: (Liz really might die when she reads this.)

roseannat: (I think she will.)

occultebelta: Alyssa: *maintains a little distance* It ... just may take awhile.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *nods* Well, that's all right. *looks over at his toddler, who has adequately covered himself in his breakfast* *speaks in Russian to the boy as he goes to help him get the food in his mouth*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... they know Russian, too? And English? *boggled at watching him manage two children*

duchessdollydot: Igor: I'm teaching them both. It's important, I think.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Well. That's good. They'll be smart. *hesitates* Anything I can, uh. Do? I mean, to help.

duchessdollydot: Igor: You can get breakfast, if you're hungry.

occultebelta: Alyssa: No - no, I'm fine. I just have coffee. *could really go for a cigarette right now, though* Are you sure?

duchessdollydot: Igor: You can feed April if you really want to help.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Um. *knew she shouldn't have volunteered* Sure, I guess. I can try.

duchessdollydot: Igor: The spoon and jar are there. You might have to do something dramatic to make her eat. You don't have to do it if you don't want.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Okay. ... I guess I have to take her.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I'll put her in her high chair. Magic makes all of this easier, I don't know how Muggles would do this.

occultebelta: Alyssa: They probably hate it. *picks up jar and spoon and looks at them* It can't be that hard.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *smiles* Of course not.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Well, okay. *goes over to sit beside April*

duchessdollydot: Igor: Very good.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *opens jar, feeling unbelievably awkward*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *watches Alyssa out of the corner of his eye*
occultebelta: Alyssa: *takes a small spoonful from the jar and looks at April, wondering if she'll know to eat it or not*

duchessdollydot: April: *moves harms up and down, yay!*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *talks really quietly in hopes that the other two won't hear her* Okay, um. Are you hungry? I think you are. Maybe. Do you want some food? *brings the spoon closer*

duchessdollydot: April: *slaps spoon*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *is now covered in food* ... I don't think she's hungry.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *waves a wand at Alyssa to clean the mess* You have to put the spoon in her mouth.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *mortified* She - she won't stay still.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *smile* You have to be faster than she is.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Ah. Um. All right. *puts spoon back in jar and tries again*

duchessdollydot: April: *spits the food back out*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *now wrestling with Andrew, who is trying to climb out of the chair*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *covered in food, again* *sighs and tries it again, talking quietly* Come on.

duchessdollydot: April: *gurgles happily and unintelligibly*

occultebelta: Alyssa: Thank god. *does this again*

duchessdollydot: Igor: Better?

occultebelta: Alyssa: *didn't realize she said that aloud* ... yeah.

duchessdollydot: April: *beats fists against tabletop*

duchessdollydot: Andrew: *begins to cry*

duchessdollydot: Igor: He needs changing, I'll be back in a minute.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *looks at April* Please just eat. Stop - stop banging. *takes one of her hands* Please.

duchessdollydot: April: *looks at Alyssa dumbly and cries*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *panicks* Oh god, don't cry, don't - be quiet, come on, I'm just trying to get you some food, come on.

duchessdollydot: April: *continues to cry*

occultebelta: Alyssa: No, I mean it, please - oh god, do you - I can't do this, do you want to be picked up? Out of the chair? *reaches for her arms*

duchessdollydot: April: *cries further*

occultebelta: Alyssa: Oh Jesus Christ, okay, um, all right, let's - let's try this, all right, okay. *grabs her arms and picks her up very awkwardly*

duchessdollydot: April: *surprised into silence*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *sighs, relieved* Thank god. *half-holds her*

duchessdollydot: April: *squirms, uncomfortable. whines*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *returns with Matthew to see the change in scenery* Is everything all right?

occultebelta: Alyssa: *shifts her* She, um. Started crying. And she wouldn't stop. So I thought this would help and -

duchessdollydot: April: *crying again*

duchessdollydot: Igor: I'll take her. *places Matthew back in his chair and goes to take April*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *stands there helplessly*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *bounces April to soothe her* She's just being fussy, it has nothing to do with you.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... um. All right.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Really, it's. *remembers how distant she was before* Here, I'll show you. *returns April to the chair*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *not sure what to do other than stand and watch*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *takes the spoon and jar* Watch. *takes the spoon and does a flying airplane motion, complete with noises and slips the food into April's mouth*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *is stunned into silence for a moment before starting to laugh*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *blush* I suspect you didn't try that.

occultebelta: Alyssa: No, I - well, I've never - never dealt with kids before. *is reminded of all those cliched family movies she sat through on Muggle TV with her fellow dancers*

duchessdollydot: Igor: Would you like to try it?

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... um, well, I guess so. Sure.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *hesitates for a moment before taking the spoon and jar from him*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *goes to stop Andrew from climbing out of his chair*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *does her best at imitating what Igor just did, feeling absolutely ridiculous*

duchessdollydot: April: *eats the food*

Igor: *laughing*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *embarrassed* And you have to do this for every spoonful?

duchessdollydot: Igor: Sometimes. Not after a few spoonfuls, most of the time.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Oh. Well. Good.

duchessdollydot: Igor: It's trial and error.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Right. Got it. *cannot believe she is doing this*

duchessdollydot: April: *has started waving her arms around again*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... does that mean she wants more? Or something?

duchessdollydot: Igor: I don't know. I think so.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... great. Okay. *tries it again*

April: *spits some out*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... I guess not. *knew there was a reason she hadn't showered yet*

Igor: Here, this is what you do. *takes the spoon from Alyssa and gathers the food from the corners of April's mouth before forcing it into her mouth*

occultebelta: Alyssa: This is impossible.

duchessdollydot: Igor: And it must be done three times a day.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... Jesus Christ. *covers mouth* I mean, shit, sorry, I shouldn't have said that in front of them.

duchessdollydot: Igor: It's. All right.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *mortified* Right. Well. Um.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I can finish with this.

occultebelta: Alyssa: No, I said I'd do it. *takes the jar and the spoon back from him*

duchessdollydot: Igor: All right. *doesn't want her to be in a bad mood because she had to feed a child*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *is determined to do this* *no doubt ends up covered in food by the end*

duchessdollydot: April: *is a happily fed baby!*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *found that to be the most exhausting thing possible* Do you, ah. Mind if I borrow your shower?

duchessdollydot: Igor: No, go ahead.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *awkward* Okay. Um. Great. *heads off that way*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *doesn't think that could have gone any better, all things considered*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *mortified beyond belief* *is not doing that again*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *will not make her*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *from the washroom* *calls* Do you, ah. Have something else I can wear?

duchessdollydot: Igor: I have my clothes, if you would rather wear that than yours. We can wash yours.

occultebelta: Alyssa: They need to be washed. They're ... sort of covered in food.

duchessdollydot: Igor: The washing machine is across the hall.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... okay. *dashes across the hall in a towel to put them into the wash*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *cleaning up the kitchen*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *finally re-emerges in badly sized clothing* Right. Sorry.

duchessdollydot: Igor: You have nothing to be sorry for.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Except for the mess that I made.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I hardly think that was you.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Well, I certainly didn't help, considering I didn't know what I was doing.

duchessdollydot: Igor: At first, neither did I.

occultebelta: Alyssa: It's ... well, practise, I guess, then. I mean, it just takes practise.

duchessdollydot: Igor: It does.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Right. Just some time.

duchessdollydot: Igor: You did a good job.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *half-laughs* Complete with a mess.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Yes, complete with a mess. *kisses her forehead*

occultebelta: Alyssa: Where are they now? I mean, I haven't seen them since I went into the shower.

duchessdollydot: Igor: On the floor in the living room.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... what are they doing?

duchessdollydot: Igor: *looks over at them* Trying to eat their toys.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *follows his gaze* Oh. Well. Is that safe?

duchessdollydot: Igor: They are all right for now. I'm sorry we can't do more today. I have to watch them.

occultebelta: Alyssa: No - no, it's all right. You have to watch them. They're your children. You have to watch them.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Thank you.

occultebelta: Alyssa: If you fly out tonight, you should spend time with them. I - I can go.

duchessdollydot: Igor: No, stay. Please.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *hesitates* If you're sure -

duchessdollydot: Igor: If the children are overwhelming you, you can leave. *goes to save Andrew from a table corner* But if you would like to stay, I'm happy to have you.

occultebelta: Alyssa: I just don't want to take up your time with your children. And all.

duchessdollydot: Igor: You probably need time for this to sink in. All right. I will see you in a few days.

occultebelta: Alyssa: No, it's just - I don't know, it's fine, I just don't want to distract you from your children. Since you won't be seeing them for awhile. And it's just ... well, it's just me.

duchessdollydot: Igor: But this is the first time I've seen you in three years.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *reddens* I - I know. If you're sure.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Yes. And we don't have to feed them for another five hours.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *embarrassed* Oh. Well. That's even better.

duchessdollydot: Igor: We can sit on the couch if you like.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Is that okay? I mean, do you need to sit with them?

duchessdollydot: Igor: I can watch them from the couch. It's close enough to stop them from hurting themselves.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Okay. Um. *sits on couch* That's good, then.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *sits and wraps his arm around her* Good.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *leans against* It's okay?

duchessdollydot: Igor: Yeah, it's fine. I don't suppose you have any children I should meet?

duchessdollydot: (Of course, the mystery now will be why Alyssa rejects Igor's name for her own.)

duchessdollydot: (For Natalie.)

occultebelta: Alyssa: *chokes* God, no. Thank God, no.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *smile* They're not so bad.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *laughs* Are you kidding? I'd nearly die.

occultebelta: (Well, if they weren't married ... might be a legality thing where St Mungo's just puts down the mother's last name. XD)

duchessdollydot: (XD That'll have to be our solution.)

duchessdollydot: Igor: Perhaps.

occultebelta: (Fabulous. At least we have a solution!)

occultebelta: Alyssa: I mean - they're fine, yours are lovely, I just - I don't think I could handle it.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I'm sure you could. Not that I'm suggesting you try, but. I don't think there's ever been a parent less prepared than I was.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Maybe. *nods slowly* I mean, I'm not sure I'd try. But yeah, maybe.

occultebelta: Alyssa: I mean - you're doing a great job, they look really good and they like you and everything. I don't think I could do that.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I think that's what everyone thinks at first.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *shrugs* Maybe. DJ doesn't think that.

duchessdollydot: Igor: I'm sure Fabian does.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *slowly* ... probably. I mean, I'd try, but I don't know how well I'd do.

duchessdollydot: Igor: It's hard for anyone to say that.

occultebelta: Alyssa: You're right. *half-stares at them, still pretty intimidated*

duchessdollydot: Igor: No hurry to resolve that, though.

occultebelta: Alyssa: What? No. *turns red again* Oh, no.

duchessdollydot: Igor: *reaches out his hand as Andrew walks toward him*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *moves away a little bit, just watching*

duchessdollydot: Andrew: *Walks and falls. Walks and falls*

duchessdollydot: Igor: *helps him and soon picks him up to place him on his knee*

occultebelta: Alyssa: He, um, can't walk yet?

duchessdollydot: Igor: He's working on it.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Is that normal?

duchessdollydot: Igor: I think so. The doctor hasn't found anything wrong.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Oh. Well. I didn't think there was, I just don't know - I mean, I don't know anything about this sort of thing.

duchessdollydot: Igor: It's all right. I think he'll be fine.

occultebelta: Alyssa: I didn't mean to say that I didn't think he would be, I just - ... you know, maybe it's better that I had no brothers or sisters. *laughs weakly*

duchessdollydot: Igor: You don't have to be nervous.

occultebelta: Alyssa: I'm - okay, I can't help it, they're small and I don't know them and I don't even know what to do with them.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Holding them is a start.

duchessdollydot: (Trish: *foresees a plotline where Andrew can't walk and Igor has to go into the wizarding world to seek treatment, ohnoes!*)

occultebelta: (*snorts*)

occultebelta: Alyssa: I tried that. And she wouldn't stop crying.

duchessdollydot: Igor: Want to try this one?

occultebelta: Alyssa: Ah .... okay?

duchessdollydot: Igor: *hands him off to Alyssa and keeps an extra eye on April, who is quite content in her playpen*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *looked at the toddler now perched on her knee* Is this okay? I mean, the way I'm holding him?

duchessdollydot: Igor: Perfect.

occultebelta: Alyssa: Okay. Okay, good. *can manage this*

duchessdollydot: Andrew: *looking up and down and around, investigating*

occultebelta: Alyssa: *sort of comfortable like this* He's okay, right??

duchessdollydot: Igor: Andrew? I think so.

duchessdollydot: Andrew: Hi.

occultebelta: Alyssa: *nearly drops him* Oh, um. Hi there.

duchessdollydot: Andrew: Hi hi.

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... how're you?

duchessdollydot: Andrew: *claps*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... is that good?

duchessdollydot: Andrew: *babbles in a combination of unintelligible English and Russian*

occultebelta: Alyssa: ... uh.
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