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I like wind.

duchessdollydot: OH, BY THE WAY. Today, as I made many Octavian icons, I became convinced that Logan Lerman is actually a younger clone of Ian Somerhalder.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/duchessdollydot/Octavian/lle-eulen_bonus_123.jpg is exhibit A.
http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v229/duchessdollydot/Octavian/lle-eulen_bonus_125.jpg is exhibit B.
occultebelta: OH WEIRD.
duchessdollydot: I know. It's ridiculous.
occultebelta: It's okay. He'll need those genes. XD
duchessdollydot: XD Octavian does need all of the help he can get.
occultebelta: Think of the girls he could get, looking like that.
duchessdollydot: It frightens me. But he'll be so attractive that most girls won't care if he talks or not. Which is a great comfort to me.
duchessdollydot: Dionysia would be like, "Octavian, just sit. Just. Shut up and sit."
occultebelta: Dionysia: Yeah. I really don't want to hear you talking all the time. Even if you think all the girls want you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: But--
occultebelta: Dionysia: I mean it! I don't want to hear you going on. I don't have to. I know what you looked like in first year.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I didn't say anything to you!
occultebelta: Dionysia: Yeah, you don't have to. You talk so loudly we hear you anywhere.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Uh. Sorry?
occultebelta: Dionysia: Just. Sit there and shut up for ten minutes.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Fine! God! If you want me to snog you, too, just say so.
occultebelta: Dionysia: *deadpan* Oh God, yes, I just want you right now, and I can't take it. *rollseyes*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *makes it very clear that he's not talking because of the stipulation and flicks her off*
occultebelta: Dionysia: *shrugs, rather pleased with herself* Just remember that I do have pictures from first year. And I can give a copy of one with you in it to everyone you've snogged.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *shrugs, because he'd really like to say, 'Like I care.'*
occultebelta: Dionysia: Just making sure you know. *now mostly joking* Some of us remember you before all the girls in the other houses noticed you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *crosses his legs and imitates a secretary, listening carefully*
occultebelta: Dionysia: *chucks a throw pillow at him*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *grinning, catches it and tucks it behind his back*
occultebelta: Dionysia: Arse.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *locks his lips shut and throws away the key*
occultebelta: Dionysia: Okay, if we're going to fight, you have to talk. Since I can't tackle you into the ground.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *raises eyebrow*
occultebelta: Dionysia: I'm a lady, I can't do that.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *rollseyes*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: How fun is it, being a lady?
occultebelta: Dionysia: It's not's fun, it's just something you should do.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I don't know what good it's doing you.
occultebelta: Dionysia: I'm a lady, that's good enough for me. *pauses* Only thing I can't do now is get dirty.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Or have fun.
occultebelta: Dionysia: I have friends. And I have fun.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Oh, I'm so jealous. I wish I could be a lady.
occultebelta: Dionysia: Oh, be quiet.
occultebelta: Dionysia: In fact, I've changed my mind. Go and find the latest girl who wants to snog you. *prim* Better than you making fun of me.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You know, I remember you in first year too. When you weren't a lady.
occultebelta: Dionysia: And what's that supposed to mean?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Did you own a hairbrush first year?
occultebelta: Dionysia: *flushes* Yes.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: That's what I mean.
occultebelta: Dionysia: I was eleven.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *shrug*
occultebelta: Dionysia: *folds arms* Go snog someone.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ...no.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You first.
occultebelta: Dionysia: I am not going to snog someone.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Heather said snogging is ladylike.
occultebelta: Dionysia: Yes, I know that.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Then what's your problem?
occultebelta: Dionysia: There is no one to snog. And I will not go find someone just for the sake of a snog.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Then neither will I.
occultebelta: Dionysia: Oh, come off it, aren't you dating someone? You usually are.
occultebelta: ((... they aren't allowed to have weird, potentially turning into UST moments.))
duchessdollydot: ((XD I'm noticing this, too.))
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Uh. Well.
occultebelta: Di: Well?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I'm trying to remember.
occultebelta: Di: You don't remember who you are dating.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Too many to keep track of!
occultebelta: Di: That's not very gentlemanly.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ... When. Did I ever claim to be a gentleman. Ever.
occultebelta: Di: Never, sadly. Though it hasn't deterred Heather. *purses lips slightly*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ... what?
occultebelta: Di: Nothing.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Yeah right nothing.
occultebelta: Di: Yes, nothing.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Yeah, well. Heather can do whatever she wants.
occultebelta: Di: And she does. We don't need to talk about her.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: For the record, you brought her up this time. Not me.
occultebelta: Di: And now we're not discussing her.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Nope. And I was just kidding, you know. I don't have a girlfriend. Haven't had one all year. You should pay more attention to the rumor mill.
occultebelta: Di: Hm. Well. Rumours aren't very proper, you know. Amusing, perhaps, but not proper.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Uhuh.
occultebelta: Di: They are.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Yeah, I really don't care.
occultebelta: Di: Well, yes, I know that about you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You know everything about me, apparently. Except my last girlfriend.
occultebelta: Di: I'm very observant, sometimes.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Didn't know you were watching.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *WINS*
occultebelta: Di: I watch everyone. *embarrassed*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Oh sure. Well, I'm going to go sit on my bed and catch up on Quidditch Today for a few hours. If you want to talk at me some more, you know where to find me.
occultebelta: Di: I am not allowed up in your dorm, I'll have you know.
occultebelta: ((TRISH. WHY IS THERE UST.))
duchessdollydot: ((XD Octavian is a teenaged boy. I have no explanation for Di.))
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well uh. I guess it's me in the dorm, all by myself, thinking about doing homework and not actually doing it then. Bye.
occultebelta: Di: *stands up after a moment* Hey! *mortified* I mean. Um. We have nothing to talk about, you know.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *shrug* We can talk about Quidditch. *starts walking to his room* What do you think of Calypso Jones's chances of being traded?
occultebelta: Di: *follows hesitantly* She probably won't be, she's worth too much to her team to be traded.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Yeah, but they've got Calypso and Ludo on that team. That's expensive. And they're not trading Ludo.
occultebelta: Di: Expensive, but it's going to help them win.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: They could use some better Chasers, though.
occultebelta: Di: Oh god, they definitely could. Their Chases are terrible.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Fabian says they're nice and all, but I'd rather have a Chaser who's a bitch and can play than a nice Chaser who doesn't score any points. But our best Chasers have been Dagny Nowles, Julia, and Florence. So. *shrug*
occultebelta: Di: Are you calling them bitches?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Are you going to tell me they're not?
Di: No. I'm just asking. You were on the team with them. I wasn't.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well, they're all right off the pitch, I guess. They're not Elita or anything. But they're not, you know. Postergirls for Nice or anything, either.
occultebelta: Di: Yeah, I guess not. What're they all doing, now? Isn't at least one of them playing Quidditch?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Dagny and Julia are. Florence is being Florence, I think. In Italy.
occultebelta: Di: I don't know Florence. *shrugs*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I don't actually know what she's doing. She got stuck there two years ago and she hasn't got out yet.
occultebelta: Di: Too bad, I suppose.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Tell me about it. I'm surprised she's not dead.
occultebelta: Di: It's not nice to wish someone to be dead.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I don't want her to be dead! That's ridiculous. She's my sister-in-law.
occultebelta: Di: It sounds like it.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I just thought everybody died in Italy. I like Florence.
occultebelta: Di: Not everyone's dead there. Clearly.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Oh, look who's smart. *reaches under his bed to his extensive Quidditch Today collection.* You can have the last issue, you're probably behind.
occultebelta: Di: ... *admits* Yeah. I'm behind.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I knew it. Ladies never find time to do anything important.
occultebelta: Di: Oh, yes we do.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Like what? Primping? *reclines on the bed and opens the magazine*
occultebelta: Di: No. Like studying.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Yep, like I said. No time for anything important.
occultebelta: ((AHAHAHAHAHAH. I'm watching Borat and there is definitely a part now where he's like "I need you to teach me to be a gentleman". LOVE IT.))
duchessdollydot: ((AHAHAHA. Perfect.))
occultebelta: ((*DEAD*))
occultebelta: Di: Well, there is, just - ... oh, nevermind. *flips through magazine*
occultebelta: ((So this is how they deal with UST. They read.))
duchessdollydot: (Cleaner than sand and pancake batter?)
occultebelta: ((... very true. But Di knows how to make food, so it wouldn't be nearly as fun. Nice, Octavian, to switch from a girl to her friend.))
duchessdollydot: (Octavian likes to think there's potential of him and Di working. Because him and Heather are never going to happen.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: There is, just, oh, nevermind?
occultebelta: Di: Don't make fun of me.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Or what?
occultebelta: ((Yeah, there's definitely potential. Just not right now.))
occultebelta: Di: Or I'll - I'll -
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *eyebrow raise*
duchessdollydot: (I think Octavian's love life for the rest of Hogwarts is going to revolve around him not admitting that he has feelings for Heather. Maybe he'll get over her.)
occultebelta: ((Good luck, Octavian!))
duchessdollydot: (Octavian: *doesn't need Heather! She's not the only hot girl in the world! She's not even hot, she's ladylike.*)
occultebelta: ((XDXD))
occultebelta: Di: I'll - NEVER MIND.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *laughs*
duchessdollydot: (Really I think it'll be fun to see how long he holds out. I think he has the potential to last forever, because he's the biggest represser on the face of the earth, but he's a ticking time bomb.)
occultebelta: (AHAHAH.)
duchessdollydot: (DI. NOT COOL. NOT. COOL AT ALL.)
occultebelta: (DI: *DIDN'T KNOW*)
occultebelta: (Oh Octavian. Tsk tsk.)
occultebelta: (XDXDXD)
occultebelta: (Di: *whistles*)
occultebelta: Di: Don't laugh.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You going to do something about that, too?
occultebelta: Di: Well - well, maybe I will!
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *Look*
occultebelta: Di: You don't think I will?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: No.
occultebelta: Di: *hmphs*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *crosses arms, waiting*
occultebelta: Di: ... what, now?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well I'm not going to give you time to plot something nasty.
occultebelta: Di: I don't plot things.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Oh. You should, it's fun.
occultebelta: Di: Why?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well it doesn't have to be a far-advanced thing. Just, you know. Gotta know what you're getting into.
occultebelta: Di: I know what I'm getting in to with you.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Are you okay with that?
occultebelta: Di: You're you. It's not like I have a choice.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well you had a choice coming up here.
occultebelta: Di: *shrugs* Quidditch is important.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Quidditch is very important. We're winning the Cup this year.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You going to be my reserve Seeker?
duchessdollydot: (Wow, that question can take so many meanings.)
occultebelta: (*dead*)
occultebelta: Di: I don't want to play reserve. I'll play another position.
occultebelta: (To Heather. EVEN BETTER.)
duchessdollydot: (XD I know.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Good, then try out.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *grin* You could make a good Chaser.
occultebelta: Di: *look* And I'm not a bitch like the rest.
occultebelta: ((That is beautiful. XDXD))
duchessdollydot: (XD If only Octavian would apply this kind of cleverness to his schoolwork...)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Oh, sure you're not.
occultebelta: (No kidding.)
occultebelta: Di: I am not. And fine, I'll try out to be a Chaser. I am not playing reserve. You don't need a reserve Seeker. Heather is fine.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Heather's trying to be Head Girl and Seeker and have perfect grades while being absolutely mental, she might break down at Christmas. But if you insist on being bloody first string, then you'll have to prove your worth.
occultebelta: Di: There are always Chasers. If she can't, I'll Seek and someone else can Chase. *pauses* I'm more than good for first string.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Can't be a lady on the pitch, you know.
occultebelta: Di: Heather is.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well, we'll see at tryout. She only says she's a lady. If she wants to get the Snitch, she'll be a bitch.
duchessdollydot: (If Octavian and Di could stop talking about Heather, this relationship might actually work. XD)
occultebelta: (It would! BUT HEATHER ALWAYS COMES UP. XD)
duchessdollydot: (Like a bad penny.)
occultebelta: Di: Fine. You don't think I can do it? I can and I will. I'll show you, Octavian Flint.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Good.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Can't wait.
occultebelta: Di: When are tryouts?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Two weeks.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ...one week now. Just kidding.
occultebelta: Di: That's fine. I could show you now. I don't need time to practice.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ...let's go.
occultebelta: Di: Fine. Let's go. *stands up and tosses the magazine on the bed*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Actually, wait.
occultebelta: Di: What?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *kisses her*
occultebelta: Di: .... um.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well if you don't make the team, you'll never let me that close again. So let's go.
occultebelta: Di: I thought you liked Heather.
occultebelta: ((THERE SHE IS AGAIN.))
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well I'll start if you keep talking about her. *rolls his eyes*
occultebelta: Di: ... okay. Yeah. Sorry.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: So do you want to Chase now or can we hold that off until later?
occultebelta: Di: ... I guess we could wait for tryouts.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Tryouts won't be bad. I won't even be Keeping.
occultebelta: Di: I'm not worried about tryouts.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Are you worried about anything?
occultebelta: Di: *glances around* ... not at the moment.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Because you know what you're getting into with me.
occultebelta: Di: Well. In Quidditch, anyway.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Not sure I'm all that complicated, otherwise.
duchessdollydot: (I do wonder how a similar scene would play out with Lyn.)
duchessdollydot: (Octavian: *makes it a point to kiss every girl in the class of '82*)
occultebelta: (Ewww. XDXD)
duchessdollydot: (That's what he said.)
occultebelta: (Lyn's way more forward. Bet things would be different.)
duchessdollydot: (Octavian: Sorcha?)
occultebelta: Di: I can figure it out.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: All right. See you later.
occultebelta: Di: ... later.
occultebelta: Di: Later?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well, uh. I've kind of run out f conversation.
occultebelta: Di: Later?
occultebelta: Di: >_>
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Well I'm assuming this isn't the last time we'll see each other ever. But there's a good chance Heathcote or Nicholas are going to be coming back up here soon, and while they don't mind me in here with most girls, with you it might be kind of awkward
duchessdollydot: Which is to say that Heathcote always minds and usually I'm not that tasteless, but. Your timing can't always be perfect
occultebelta: Di: *now embarrassed beyond belief* Right. Later. Okay.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Don't worry about it. We don't even have to kiss if you don't want.
occultebelta: Di: ... are you dense? By any chance?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: ... well, you haven't given any input one way or the other.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Aside from, you know. We both know I'm an idiot. That we've talked about.
occultebelta: Di: *looks around again before kissing him quickly*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *pleased* So yeah, I'll uh. We can go somewhere else, or I can just see you later. Charms practise room should be empty.
occultebelta: Di: That's not very ladylike. *cracks a small smile*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I won't tell if you don't.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *amused*
occultebelta: Di: *a little embarrassed still but smiling* Okay. Deal.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *takes her hand and sneaks her out of Slytherin, quite pleased with himself*
duchessdollydot: (Whereas Lyn would just be like, "We're in your bed! *Attack*?)
occultebelta: (AHAHA not quite. Nearly, though!)
occultebelta: Di: If we're caught, I'm blaming you.
duchessdollydot: (She and Clive did snog on the first date. I still want to see that log!)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I never get caught, so it'd be all your fault.
occultebelta: (... we were supposed to log that? XD)
duchessdollydot: (I assumed!)
occultebelta: Di: Do you always blame the girl? *teasing, really*
occultebelta: (AHAH we didn't. XD)
duchessdollydot: (You're awful teases, both of you!)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Surely you're not suggesting I do anything wrong.
occultebelta: (We try, we really do. They had a little alcohol, were silly, and Clive got a decent snog out of it. What more do you need? XD)
occultebelta: Di: Of course not.
duchessdollydot: (XD Nothing, I suppose. But you can't gage OTP status from a description like that!)
occultebelta: (Well, it's not going to be their last date. Maybe we'll log the next one.)
duchessdollydot: ( You'll have to RP them together eventually)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I didn't think you would.
occultebelta: (I promise we will.)
occultebelta: Di: It's not ladylike to say such a thing.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I've never snogged a lady before. Anything else I should know?
duchessdollydot: (I do think Octavian's going to wait for Heather to lose his virginity, though. Or else wait until he's married to someone else, whichever happens. His reasoning behind this is, "Casual shagging? That's how Magnus ended up with Florence.")
duchessdollydot: (And as much as he likes Florence in general, marrying a Florence is another matter entirely.)
occultebelta: (Haha, nothing wrong with that. Let's be honest, lots of girls are probably happier to just have a good snog.)
occultebelta: Di: *bites back a remark about Heather* Perhaps that we're not very ladylike when we snog.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Huh. Really.
occultebelta: Di: > _ > Really.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Wonder what that looks like.
occultebelta: Di: Well. Ah. I suppose you'll have to just see.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Are you sure you can be unladylike?
occultebelta: Di: ... I can try. < _ <
duchessdollydot: Octavian: It's been awhile is all. I'm always willing to help.
occultebelta: Di: Well, go on and help me, then.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: There you go. That's less than ladylike.
occultebelta: Di: ... well, well done, then.
duchessdollydot: (XD Remember two hours ago? Octavian: Fine! God! If you want me to snog you, too, just say so.
Dionysia: *deadpan* Oh God, yes, I just want you right now, and I can't take it. *rollseyes*)
duchessdollydot: (Okay, five hours ago.)
occultebelta: ((AHAHAHAHAHA. Di: ... well, I wasn't about to tell him.))
duchessdollydot: (Octavian: *KNEW IT*)
duchessdollydot: (Oh good, a meta within a meta.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I believe in you. You have potential.
occultebelta: (OH NO IT'S BAD. NOT WITHIN ITSELF.)
occultebelta: (Di: Okay, shut up about it.)
occultebelta: Di: Potential?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Mmhm. *ducks into the classroom*
occultebelta: Di: *follows him in* *cannot believe she's doing this* >_>
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *can't believe he's doing this, vaguely wonders what Heather's going to think, but really doesn't care because this is going to be fantastic*
occultebelta: Di: So.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Have you been in here before?
occultebelta: Di: Only for Charms practice.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: What a waste of this space. Aren't you glad I'm here to correct that.
occultebelta: Di: Yes. >_> Obviously.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Also unladylike. You're catching on, Borgin. *brings her to the cushions, where he sits*
occultebelta: Di: And you're calling me by my last name. *raises an eyebrow*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You can call me by mine.
occultebelta: Di: Well, in classes, yes.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: All right. Di.
occultebelta: Di: Okay. Octavian.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *moves into kiss her, because, well. That was the point*
occultebelta: (Bee: *apparently plays all the girls who are consolation prizes*)
occultebelta: Di: *cannot believe this is happening*
duchessdollydot: (XD I noticed that.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *didn't have this on his list of things to do today, but is pretty sure it fits in his schedule*
occultebelta: (I'm trying to imagine Di trying to tell Heather. XD)
duchessdollydot: (I also noticed, upon looking at my characters, that all of my females only have ships when I have the male counterparts. And my boys all manage to find ships of their own.)
duchessdollydot: (XD THAT WOULD BE SO FUNNY.)
occultebelta: Di: *is sure that someone is bound to find them there in the most compromising of positions*
occultebelta: (XD Half of my girls are canonically bound to someone else ... and the other half find boys, whether I want them to or not.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *feeling pretty safe, knows Prefects don't take rounds for another few hours, and also know that most people acknowledge that this is his spot and they practice their charms somewhere else*
duchessdollydot: (Bertha was canonically bound. Adrian Pucey needed to be born. Magnence is my monster. The others...)
duchessdollydot: (I don't have a single ship with someone else besides Bertha/Gareth with one of my girls.)
duchessdollydot: (that I RP with someone else)
occultebelta: (Well, you did until you gave up Donna. )
duchessdollydot: (And Donna never gets RPed. True! You and Mandy need to get on that.)
occultebelta: (YES. XD)
duchessdollydot: (I'll keep you my dirty little secret... don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret...)
duchessdollydot: (OH! Elita/Regulus. Not started by me, but.)
occultebelta: Di: *after a long moment* ... no one knows we're here, right?
duchessdollydot: Octavian: When did I have time to tell anyone?
occultebelta: (Bet money on Di and Octavian keeping what they have/will have a secret.)
occultebelta: Di: Just checking. I don't want anyone to know.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Fine by me.
duchessdollydot: (XD It'll be funny, though, because the rest of the school will be like (if this happens in '80 or later) "...Octavian Flint isn't with anyone. HE HAS TO BE WITH SOMEONE. WHO IS HE WITH?")
occultebelta: Di: Not even Nicholas.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Should I be offended?
occultebelta: (It's so true. And Di can maintain her "ew, Octavian, maybe the school just got smart" attitude. While people try to guess.)
occultebelta: Di: What? No. I just ... don't want people to know.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: You sound a little ashamed.
duchessdollydot: (XD People will probably assume that Octavian finally hooked up with Heather.)
occultebelta: (Especially since she'll say it's not true. Oh man, Di will be soooo guilty.)
occultebelta: Di: *flushed* I am not ashamed.
occultebelta: (*definitely turns on Dirty Little Secret* XD)
duchessdollydot: (XD Oh yeah. Heather will be like, "!!!" and Octavian will be like, "Uh..." and then run off and meet Di behind some books somewhere.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: Because this is actually very ladylike behavior. But sure. I'll keep it quiet. Nicholas doesn't have to know.
occultebelta: Di: I'm not telling anyone.
duchessdollydot: Octavian: I won't tell anyone.
duchessdollydot: (XD Love Is A Crime from Chicago.)
occultebelta: (Your iTunes is on a roll! XD)
occultebelta: Di: ... okay. *kisses him again*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *assumes that since they're keeping it a secret, it's not serious, which is good* *really likes this whole Di kissing him thing, could get used to this*
occultebelta: Di: *isn't about to run around and kiss other people, but* *will have to find some sort of excuse for Kitty and Heather about where she suddenly goes all of the time*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *isn't dumb enough to screw this up by picking up with someone else, just doesn't want a serious relationship* *will suddenly be working on Quidditch strategy all the time*
occultebelta: Di: *isn't expecting flowers and dates and all of that* *will be very intently, ah, studying by herself*
occultebelta: (Funny, because Kitty and I were talking about how of that dorm, Di is the ugly duckling. Heather's pretty, Kitty's cute, and Di is ... extraordinarily plain.)
duchessdollydot: (Octavian was telling me that he likes Di's body. Her face isn't too impressive, but she's fit. And he finds the plainness to be refreshing. Are you going to find another PB for her, or are there older Rebecka pictures?)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *can't get her flowers and dates if this is going to be secret, so* *Going to save money for once!*
occultebelta: (There are a few that she looks older in, but not many. I sorta like her, though ... young looking or not. She's so plain that it's lovely. I think she's really sweet looking.)
duchessdollydot: (I think so, too)
occultebelta: Di: *just looking for acknowledgement of things like Valentine's, not presents*
occultebelta: (Plus the braids are so her.)
duchessdollydot: ( Yeah. I like her a lot.)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *can do that*
occultebelta: (Just hard to find pictures that make her look older than, say, 10. XD)
occultebelta: Di: *is easy to please*
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *not expecting anything at all out of her*
duchessdollydot: (XD Yeah. Octavian would like her to look older than 10 by the time they're 17.)
occultebelta: Di: ... *finds this relationship thing really easy, then!* *doesn't see the fuss*
occultebelta: (AHAHAHA understandable. If she doesn't, they may never snog.)
duchessdollydot: (Yeah. Octavian's easy to please, but uh... I think he draws the line at 10 year olds.)
occultebelta: (XD Di: *is so not 10* *is just less ... girly than Heather and Kitty*)
duchessdollydot: Octavian: *is on good terms with most of the girls he's dated for a reason*
duchessdollydot: (XD Good for her.)
occultebelta: (We need to stop metaing future stuff. Great, we know in two years when they're seventh years or so, there might be something between Di and Octavian. Two years!)
duchessdollydot: (XD Well, we could go back in time and RP them in present time)
duchessdollydot: (Or finish Aren/Di. Aren has informed me that he is afraid of sex. And because Giovanna, Marquesa and Florence are his sisters, no one and my head is criticizing him for this.)
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