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occultebelta: So a goodnight kiss one night.
occultebelta: I think she's going to be very "... what does that mean?!"
duchessdollydot: What he does beyond that is entirely based on her reaction.
occultebelta: Got it. She'll be ... not mad, just confused.
duchessdollydot: If she doesn't kiss him back, he's not trying again.
occultebelta: I think she will. If out of nothing but instinct.
duchessdollydot: So then he'll keep kissing her until he reminds himself that they're not together, and then he'll turn around and go to sleep.
occultebelta: I think that's when she'll ask him to go to bed with her. Just for the company.
duchessdollydot: And he'll agree, just because it's easier to say yes than argue with her.
occultebelta: So that'll be that. I suspect most of the awkwardness will come the next morning when they wake up together.
occultebelta: No doubt tangled up in what is probably some actually-innocent-but-very-compromising position.
duchessdollydot: XD Yeah.
occultebelta: I can just see them half on top of each other or something. XD
duchessdollydot: Oh me too. Entirely unintentionally.
occultebelta: Oh, definitely!
occultebelta: Oh, wait, even better. On top of a compromising position. XD Dagny'll be wearing something of Kirley's to bed. She's probably smaller than he is. So I bet whatever she had on ends up slipping half-off during the night.
duchessdollydot: Oh, and he's long and lanky, so he's totally got himself coccooned around her.
duchessdollydot: Cuccooned.
duchessdollydot: I'm not even going to try.

(note: the spelling is ‘cocooned’)

occultebelta: I know what you're saying. XD So.
occultebelta: He'd probably be half on top of her, totally wrapped around her, and her shirt is probably almost completely off. Nice and awkward.
duchessdollydot: XD Yeah.
duchessdollydot: The first words out of his mouth will be, "Why are we pretending you're a bloke again?"
occultebelta: After she scrambles for some blankets, she'll probably make some smart-ass remark. You know - ''Because clearly you like blokes.''
duchessdollydot: And he'd be like, "Well if every bloke I knew looked like you do..." and touch her in some inappropriately unclothed place.
occultebelta: And it'll be at that point that Dagny asks what's happening. Okay, no, wait. She probably won't ask right away; being a teenaged girl with a cute boy who she knows, she probably won't be too willing to push him off right yet.
duchessdollydot: And then he'll tense, and he'll move away, because he promised himself he wasn't going to go there with her.
occultebelta: She'll insist something be decided. Because they're still in bed together and she's still mostly unclothed.
duchessdollydot: And he'll ask her what there is to decide.
occultebelta: She'll point out that friends don't share a bed and end up in each others arms and with half their clothing gone.
duchessdollydot: He'll point out that people do weird things when they sleep.
duchessdollydot: And that she wouldn't know; maybe friends do do that.
occultebelta: She'll ... I'm not totally sure. I think she'll tell him that he's making excuses and avoiding answering. And she'll probably try to put her shirt on.
duchessdollydot: He'll roll out of bed and tell her to decide what she wants while he's taking a shower.
occultebelta: She won't let him get that far, because she's sick of having to make the decisions. She'll make him stop.
duchessdollydot: Kirley will want to know what the hell she thinks she's talking about, having to 'make the decisions.' He'll point out that he made the decision to end it because she couldn't do it.
duchessdollydot: He'll also point out that he made the decision to start it. And he made the decision to snog her.
duchessdollydot: He'll find it hard to believe that she's made any decisions at all.
occultebelta: And she's not about to tell him about Hank. So. I think at that point, she'll bring up the beginning of the summer and tell him that she could do it, he just thought she couldn't.
duchessdollydot: He's going to ask her to clarify, because he doesn't understand.
occultebelta: She'll tell him that he decided that they couldn't do it. And he didn't give her any say in it. And she thought he knew best.
duchessdollydot: And Kirley would say that it was never a question of whether or not anyone could do it but whether or not they wanted to.
duchessdollydot: And he'll add that yes, he was interested in her chest, it was very nice, as far as chests went.
occultebelta: I think she'll be a self-conscious about her chest, after that. Aside from that, she'll say nothing more, and instead just tell him to go take his shower. Because that's better than fighting over this.
duchessdollydot: And he'll just go take a shower, because she still isn't deciding anything.
occultebelta: I think after a few minutes, she'd follow him into the bathroom and talk because she'll assume that he won't reply if he's showering.
duchessdollydot: And he'll listen and, well. Shower.
occultebelta: I think she'll tell him that she doesn't make decisions and that she can't even make a decision when she doesn't know what she's even deciding on.
duchessdollydot: He's not going to answer, because he really doesn't care.
occultebelta: I think she'll be quiet for a long time, probably tidying up his small bathroom. And then she'll say how much she'll miss him.
duchessdollydot: He'll tell her that if she's trying to prove to him that she can make decisions, she's doing a piss poor job of it.
occultebelta: I think she'll be frustrated and she'll hit at the shower curtain (hoping to hit him of course) and she'll tell him that he's her best friend and she hates the idea that they won't spend time together but that she's not ready to ever be someone's steady little girlfriend.
duchessdollydot: And he'll tell her that he made the right decision for them, and she should just stop complaining about it, because what she's got is a best friend.
occultebelta: I think she'll reach into the shower, turn the water off, shove a towel at him, and then she'll fling the shower curtain open. And she'll be verging on mad, for once. And she'll tell him that for being her best friend, he's not listening.
duchessdollydot: Kirley will say that he heard her loud and clear. She wanted a best friend, she couldn't be a girlfriend.
duchessdollydot: While fumbling with his towel.
occultebelta: (Of course. XD)
occultebelta: She'll say that she doesn't know how to be a girlfriend.
duchessdollydot: He'll say it involves letting him kiss her and buy her things when he somehow manages to have the money. He'll say it's not that complicated, it's what they have now only they actually snog instead of talking about it all the time.
occultebelta: (He has a point. XD)
occultebelta: At that point, I think she'll draw the curtain shut again and say okay.
duchessdollydot: And he'll say, Okay what? Are we actually nearing something in decisionland?
occultebelta: She'll tell him that okay means okay, that maybe they should date, and that she'd, ah, better leave him to maybe dry off.
duchessdollydot: And he'll -- admit that's probably a good idea.
occultebelta: I think she'll wrap her arms around herself in an attempt to make the shirt fit better and she'll hurry out. And try (and probably fail) to find more clothes.
duchessdollydot: And he'll dry off, but he won't have any clothes in the loo, so he'll walk out with nothing but the towel and stare at her. And ask, No, really. We're doing this.
occultebelta: I think she'll carefully make sure she's not looking at him and she'll tell him that she'd like to try it. But that she's not running to tell everyone.
duchessdollydot: And he's going to accuse her of wanting to lead Hank on.
occultebelta: She'll tell him that she doesn't want to lead anyone on. But she doesn't want everyone knowing her business - same as the last time, and Hank knew about them then.
duchessdollydot: He'll feel bad for accusing her of wanting to lead Hank on, and he'll go find at least some boxers.
occultebelta: She'll pause and tell him that she'd like to take a shower but he's got the only towel.
duchessdollydot: He'll toss her the towel.
occultebelta: At that point, she'll hurry off to shower, not sure why she's so awkward.
duchessdollydot: He'll hope the whole damn relationship won't be that awkward.
occultebelta: And she'll return not long after in just the towel (which no doubt barely covers the essentials) and ask him for some more clothes.
duchessdollydot: And he'll scrounge for more clothes for her, and he'll kiss her before handing them over.
occultebelta: She'll appreciate that, even if it means clutching her towel really tightly to keep it on whilst trying to kiss him.
duchessdollydot: And he'll wrap his arms around her and kiss her, because she's finally kissing back.
occultebelta: After that, she'll probably make a crack about maybe getting some clothes on.
duchessdollydot: He'll tell her that he's been talking about getting her naked for years.
occultebelta: Dagny says that she knows that. She just never took him seriously. And then she'll pause and tell him to enjoy her legs while he can.
duchessdollydot: He'll take a moment to appreciate her legs before he tells her that he never took himself seriously, either.
occultebelta: She'll tell him that she noticed. And that he'd either better let her dress or find a good reason why she's still in a towel with dripping hair.
duchessdollydot: He'll take a moment to decide exactly what he wants to do in this situation, and then he'll tell her that he's going to miss her one hell of a lot.
occultebelta: And she'll tell him that's what she's been saying the whole time and she'll hold her towel with one hand and then do her best to hug him with the other arm.
duchessdollydot: And he'll recognize the awkwardness and go find her some clothes.
occultebelta: Oh, she'll appreciate that quite a bit. XD
occultebelta: So that's about it. It'll start out awkward from sleep, turn into a bit of a fight, and then return to them dating.
duchessdollydot: XD Wow. We just wanted them to say goodbye.
occultebelta: And now we've got a whole separate plot going. XD
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