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I like wind.

occultebelta: I love how no matter how hard Dagny tries, she ends up just like Lexi.
duchessdollydot: Yeah really.
Me too.
occultebelta: Well, when you're raised a certain way ...
duchessdollydot: She sure knows how to break off engagements like a champ.
occultebelta: Who, Lexi? Oh god, yes. Bet she's the queen of writing prenups, too. Not that she's been married more than once. But in preparation in case she gets too drunk and carried away one night. XD
duchessdollydot: Haha.
duchessdollydot: John Fleecer is ready for it.
occultebelta: Bet she doesn't pay him for it in Galleons, either.
duchessdollydot: Oh, John demands galleons.
duchessdollydot: But he'll take a tip.
occultebelta: Lexi: If I come by your place around eight and bring a bottle of wine, would that do instead? :]
duchessdollydot: John: No, I'm afraid I can't divide that among my staff.
occultebelta: Lexi: Pity. Well, go on, how many Galleons this time?
duchessdollydot: John: *hands her the bill*
occultebelta: Lexi: John Fleecer, every time we do one of these you raise your price.
duchessdollydot: John: Every time you ask for one, they get more complicated.
occultebelta: Lexi: I think you're lying. *amused*
duchessdollydot: John: I think you should know, they're your messes.
occultebelta: Lexi: I am not paying a knut above two hundred Galleons, do you hear me? *not at all mad*
duchessdollydot: John: You can take that up with the MLEP if you're really not going to pay the extra five.
occultebelta: Lexi: ... *shakes head* You drive a hard bargain, John. The next bill had better not be any higher.
duchessdollydot: John: *smile* Or what, Lexi?
occultebelta: Lexi: Or I'll have to stop bringing that bottle of wine. *grins*
duchessdollydot: John: Oh, you'll be eating into my profits.
occultebelta: Lexi: If that's all I'm doing to you, John ...
duchessdollydot: John: You know what you're doing to me, love.
occultebelta: Lexi: Just being another one of your victims. Shame. *grinning*
duchessdollydot: John: Yes, you do rather sound close to tears some of the time.
occultebelta: Lexi: Oh, please. Like John Fleecer has ever made a woman cry in bed.
duchessdollydot: John: No, only once I'm gone.
occultebelta: Lexi: I don't think I've ever done that.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm tempted to cry when you leave, Alexandra.
occultebelta: Lexi: Which is the way it should be. Have to always leave you wanting more.
duchessdollydot: John: Speaking of wanting more, are you going to pay me so that I can take you out to dinner? You've been engaged an awfully long time.
occultebelta: Lexi: *pulls a slip of parchment from her purse and begins to fill in the details* Check next week's Witch Weekly, John. There will be a nice article about how I'm not ready to settle down yet. And a picture without that ring.
duchessdollydot: John: If there isn't a picture of us in the restaurant instead. I do so love destroying star-studded marriages.
occultebelta: Lexi: If you'd like to destroy mine, by all means, go ahead.
duchessdollydot: John: Well that would require you to settle down and have one in the first place.
occultebelta: Lexi: Ruin my engagement?
duchessdollydot: John: I don't know why you continue to call them engagements. I think you just like diamonds.
occultebelta: Lexi: Of course I do. I always give the rings back, though. I'm not careless.
duchessdollydot: John: Now, which ring was your favorite? I liked the one you had about nine years ago with the little thing swirling in the middle.
occultebelta: Lexi: Oh, that was a darling one, wasn't it? It might be my favourite. The one after that was nice, too, with the emeralds.
duchessdollydot: John: I knew you weren't really going to leave me for one of them.
occultebelta: Lexi: Good god, John, how many years have I been sleeping with you?
duchessdollydot: John: Not enough, but we have time to correct that.
occultebelta: Lexi: It's been at least ten.
duchessdollydot: John: Eleven. It's been eleven years, five months, and... oh, I couldn't give you the number of days. Oh yes I could-- eighteen. It was a St. Patrick's Day celebration.
occultebelta: Lexi: Happy St Patrick's indeed. *amused* Not that you're counting.
duchessdollydot: John: It's my job to remember every date of every fling you've ever been in, Lexi. It makes the negotiations much smoother.
occultebelta: Lexi: Is that what we are? Just a fling?
duchessdollydot: John: If you're going to convince me to buy you a diamond ring, Lexi, I won't have it.
occultebelta: Lexi: I promise I won't break it off?
duchessdollydot: John: You don't want to make promises to John Fleecer that you can't keep, love.
occultebelta: Lexi: Mm, perhaps. But there's no one else to break it off with.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm sure you'd find someone. And so would I. You're just out of an engagement, you'll bounce back.
occultebelta: Lexi: Are you saying no, you won't ask me to marry you?
duchessdollydot: John: That's exactly what I'm saying.
occultebelta: Lexi: *sighs and shrugs* I tried.
occultebelta: Lexi: I think I try every time,.
duchessdollydot: John: At least the last three. And every once in awhile when you're drunk you try to pop the question. Aren't you glad I always say no?
occultebelta: Lexi: Not really. Would save me money.
duchessdollydot: John: *grin* But I wouldn't make a sickle and we would have the most tightly locked prenup you've ever seen.
occultebelta: Lexi: It would be your best work.
duchessdollydot: John: All of that work for only a year's engagement. I don't have that kind of spare time.
occultebelta: Lexi: You think so little of me. I'd never leave you, John. Cheat on you, maybe. Leave you, no.
duchessdollydot: John: Then I think this relationship works just fine the way it is. Although I'll admit, it is irritating when you don't owl because you're with another sap.
occultebelta: Lexi: Sorry. I'll pretend it's legal business and do it more often.
occultebelta: (Who knew they had this sort of relationship? XD)
duchessdollydot: (XD They deserve each other.)
occultebelta: (THEY DO.)
duchessdollydot: John: Oh, don't spare my ego. It can take a hit from Lexi Nowles.
occultebelta: Lexi: It's taken enough before. I'm trying to be nice.
duchessdollydot: John: And now you're patronising me. I wonder why I think you're worth the time.
occultebelta: Lexi: You know I'm worth it.
duchessdollydot: John: I don't know. Every time you get engaged, I find you're a little worse than I've left you.
occultebelta: Lexi: I'll just be single forever, then. I'll swear off men.
duchessdollydot: John: Being single doesn't have to mean swearing off men. I've been single for years, and I see women all the time.
occultebelta: Lexi: Well, I wasn't about to swear you off, if that's what you were worried about.
duchessdollydot: John: Oh, I was terrified. My life would be so unfulfilled without Lexi Nowles.
occultebelta: Lexi: Don't kid. You know it's true.
duchessdollydot: John: Well swearing off every man but me sounds like monogamy, Lexi.
occultebelta: Lexi: It'll be our secret
duchessdollydot: John: Don't bother, I don't plan to reciprocate.
occultebelta: Lexi: Oh, I know.
duchessdollydot: John: Well then who else you sleep with and don't sleep with is none of my business, is it? Until you get engaged. Then it becomes so fortunately my business.
occultebelta: Lexi: Don't be so bitter, love.
duchessdollydot: John: It's been over a year, Lexi. Just take it as a sign that I've missed you.
occultebelta: Lexi: Mm, in that case, why are we still talking?
occultebelta: ((Dare we go any further with Lexi and John?))
duchessdollydot: (XD John's talking so much I've started a flash log for him.)
occultebelta: (XD LOVE IT. We'll actually have to log Lexi and John someday.)
occultebelta: Lexi: Going to answer my question?
duchessdollydot: John: I'm just considering whether I want to do this tonight or tomorrow.
occultebelta: Lexi: Or both. Or neither. Don't miss options.
duchessdollydot: John: Are you hungry enough to eat, or should we just find my flat?
occultebelta: Lexi: Save dinner for tomorrow night. Let's just head to your flat.
duchessdollydot: John: Do you remember how to get there?
occultebelta: Lexi: How could I forget, John? It's not as though we ever go to my house.
duchessdollydot: John: That's because my house is so much cleaner than yours.
occultebelta: Lexi: I think it's because yours has a lower chance of children appearing.
duchessdollydot: John: Hmm. I never did grow fond of children. *opens the door out of the office*
occultebelta: Lexi: The youngest is nearly done school, now. And she'll move out soon enough, I'm sure. We don't get along. And then we can head to my place once in awhile.
duchessdollydot: John: If you like.
occultebelta: Lexi: If you want.
duchessdollydot: John: I would love to see your bed, Lexi. Is that where you want to go now?
occultebelta: Lexi: *considers* Sure. It's a pretty special place. *grins*
duchessdollydot: John: I am curious to see what you keep hidden in the back of your closets.
occultebelta: Lexi: Oh, I don't know if I can let you into my closets on a first visit. *teasing*
duchessdollydot: John: *murmurs* Well I know you've got dead lovers in there, but I'm sure I can handle it.
occultebelta: Lexi: Oh, you wish I was that much of a scandal.
duchessdollydot: John: You're right, I do. *kisses her neck* Now let's Disapparate before one of my secretaries comes around to see us.
occultebelta: Lexi: Right, follow me. Since you don't know where you're going. *Disapparates*
duchessdollydot: John: *Disapparates after her*
occultebelta: Lexi: See? Nice and quiet.
duchessdollydot: John: *looks around* I can't argue with that.
occultebelta: Lexi: And big. Lots of rooms.
duchessdollydot: John: Can I see yours?
occultebelta: Lexi: *grins* Right this way.
duchessdollydot: John: Should I be cautious?
occultebelta: Lexi: ... should you?
duchessdollydot: John: I think we go to my flat because it takes much less time to get from the entrance to the bedroom.
occultebelta: Lexi: *laughs* Sorry. Come on, it's been a year, another two minutes won't kill you.
duchessdollydot: John: All right, show me your -- crown moulding or whatever it is.
occultebelta: Lexi: My what?
duchessdollydot: John: The-- it's a trimming for the ceiling.
occultebelta: Lexi: *laughs again* I knew I paid people to do this for a reason. *opens door* Well, go on, this is it.
duchessdollydot: John: Does it always look like this?
occultebelta: Lexi: No. Usually the bedding's a disaster.
duchessdollydot: John: Your bed really is your fiance.
occultebelta: Lexi: Howso?
duchessdollydot: John: You bothered to make it?
occultebelta: Lexi: First time in a month. *grins*
duchessdollydot: John: Now are you going to show me the closet?
occultebelta: Lexi: *steps over and flings the door wide open*
duchessdollydot: John: Are you another one of those shoe girls?
occultebelta: Lexi: Not really. I like purses. And rings. *laughs*
duchessdollydot: John: *smiles* All right, I believe you, no dead lovers in the closet. Although I notice there are several fetching sets of robes you haven't worn for me.
occultebelta: Lexi: Pick out your favourite and I'll wear them to dinner tomorrow night.
duchessdollydot: John: *looks at her critically before looking back in the closet. I would so love to see you in red again.
occultebelta: Lexi: I haven't worn red in years. Wow.
duchessdollydot: John: Probably because whenever you tried I stopped you before we could leave the flat.
occultebelta: Lexi: Must be. *grins* Tomorrow, I'll come by your office for dinner in something red. See how far we get.
duchessdollydot: John: And as for now...
occultebelta: Lexi: I think my underwear might be red?
duchessdollydot: John: I think it's time to look and see.
occultebelta: Lexi: Let me help you with that.
duchessdollydot: John: Please do, I can be so clumsy with them.
occultebelta: Lexi: Forgotten so much in a year, John?
duchessdollydot: John: I was being facetious. You can't get engaged again for at least another week, we have too much catching up to do.
occultebelta: Lexi: Whatever you'd like, John. If you would ask me this whole problem would be solved, but I won't push it.
duchessdollydot: John: There's a love. *kisses her*
occultebelta: Lexi: I'm trying to be a good girl. *grins*
duchessdollydot: John: And you're doing a smashing job.
occultebelta: Lexi: Good. Now give me my reward.
duchessdollydot: John: *does*
occultebelta: XD
occultebelta: I think these two are fantastic.
occultebelta: I love that Lexi keeps pushing him for marriage.
duchessdollydot: XD John will never marry her.
occultebelta: She knows. But she keeps trying!
occultebelta: Lexi: You know, if John would just settle down, I'd be happy to be Lexi Fleecer. Little brat.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm not settling down. There are a few more women I need to conquer first.
occultebelta: Lexi: Like who?
duchessdollydot: John: I don't kiss and tell.
occultebelta: Lexi: No, I have to read about it instead. Go on, spill.
duchessdollydot: John: I don't think so. You never tell me who you have on your list before you get engaged.
occultebelta: Lexi: I don't have a list, darling. I let men come to me.
duchessdollydot: John: Then let them continue to come, you're young enough.
occultebelta: Lexi: Mm, I love when you remind me of that.
duchessdollydot: John: It's true.
occultebelta: Lexi: I'll never tire of hearing it.
duchessdollydot: John: Then I know what to tell you for the next twenty years.
occultebelta: Lexi: Only twenty?
duchessdollydot: John: Twenty is even pushing it.
occultebelta: Lexi: What's after that?
duchessdollydot: John: I don't know. All of the Hogwarts girls will be grown.
occultebelta: Lexi: My daughter is one of those girls.
duchessdollydot: John: *amused* Do you think I'd like her?
occultebelta: Lexi: Would you? She's not like me.
duchessdollydot: John: I guess I might. But that's awhile away.
occultebelta: Lexi: The girl barely remembers to brush her hair.
duchessdollydot: John: You let her leave the house like that?
occultebelta: Lexi: Of course not. She's a holy terror at school.
duchessdollydot: John: Well, I can't make any promises, but I doubt you would be too pleased if I slept with your daughter.
occultebelta: Lexi: It's not really a great thought. She's a Quidditch player, John, not a society girl./
duchessdollydot: John: I don't play favorites.
occultebelta: Lexi: She's tall for her age. Long legs. Reddish hair.
duchessdollydot: John: Your legs, I imagine.
occultebelta: Lexi: Without a doubt. She's going to be in Witch Weekly this year. You can look at her then. (*pulls up picture for reference*)
duchessdollydot: John: I guess I will. My secretary gets them, I'll borrow from her. She's a tall redhead, too.
occultebelta: Lexi: Come on, John, I know who Everild Pinkstone is.
duchessdollydot: John: I know you do. Don't we all?
occultebelta: Lexi: Probably, come to think of it.
duchessdollydot: John: Well. I've never wanted to sleep with her, so chances are...
occultebelta: Lexi: That my daughter is safe?
occultebelta: (Bee: Until he sees that picture. Geeze.)
duchessdollydot: John: I'm not making any promises.
duchessdollydot: (John knows better than to tell a mother that he wants to sleep with her daughter. He's been in this business long enough.)
occultebelta: (XDXD Classic.)
Lexi: Smart man. I don't want to hear if you do sleep with her.
Lexi: I've got the proofs from her shoot. I'll show you.
duchessdollydot: John: All right.
occultebelta: (Thanks, Lexi. ;_; *finds picture*)
occultebelta: Lexi: Take a look. If you drool, I will kick you out for the night.
duchessdollydot: John: She's a nice-looking girl.
occultebelta: Lexi: That's saying nothing.
duchessdollydot: John: What do you want me to say about her?
occultebelta: Lexi: What you think.
duchessdollydot: John: I think she's a nice-looking girl, Lexi. But I don't want you to feel threatened by her.
occultebelta: Lexi: Like I could be threatened by a girl who doesn't brush her hair. *grins*
duchessdollydot: John: Like I could last eleven years with a girl who plays Quidditch. *could, presumably, but*
occultebelta: Lexi: Of course not.
duchessdollydot: John: *probably won't go for Dagny, thinks she's good-looking but not good-looking enough to make hell for*
occultebelta: Lexi: *pleased*
duchessdollydot: John: *figures it's the least he can do, since he won't marry her*
occultebelta: Lexi: I agree!
duchessdollydot: John: *laughs* You wouldn't want to marry me anyhow.
occultebelta: Lexi: Why do you say that?
duchessdollydot: John: I know you wouldn't. No one wants to be cheated on.
occultebelta: Lexi: I can handle it.
duchessdollydot: John: No, I don't think so.
occultebelta: Lexi: I bet I could.
duchessdollydot: John: We're not going to find out.
occultebelta: Lexi: *sighs* You are so hard on me.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm not the one who leaves for years at a time to be engaged, love.
occultebelta: Lexi: I only do it because you won't marry me.
duchessdollydot: John: And if I asked you to marry me, I'd become one of them. Do you really want me to be one of them?
occultebelta: Lexi: You'll be different. You know that.
duchessdollydot: John: No I don't. That's what you say to all of them, isn't it?
occultebelta: Lexi: Not at all. I never promise anyone else anything.
duchessdollydot: John: Saying yes to a marriage proposal is a promise, Lexi.
occultebelta: Lexi: *groans*
duchessdollydot: John: And now I'm vindicated. Good.
occultebelta: Lexi: John, you are so maddening.
duchessdollydot: John: But that's why you're still here.
occultebelta: Lexi: Because I can't get enough of you.
duchessdollydot: John: You don't know how much I enjoy hearing you say that.
occultebelta: Lexi: You'll be hearing it a hell of a lot. You might find other women, John, but you'll always come back.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm not sure it's coming back when I'm not going anywhere.
occultebelta: Lexi: Good. Never leave.
duchessdollydot: John: I'm not moving in with you either, Lexi.
occultebelta: Lexi: I figured. Can't lose that image.
occultebelta: Lexi: Remember me when you get old. *grins* But until then.
duchessdollydot: John: Until then there's more fun to be had for you, too.
occultebelta: Lexi: Get ready for another prenup. I'm sure I'll find someone.
duchessdollydot: John: I'll charge you five galleons more for it this time.
occultebelta: Lexi: I even wore the red for you! And you still charge me?
duchessdollydot: John: Yes, I still charge you. I know I'm doing all of that work for nothing, and you still manage to scare me into thinking you mean it.
occultebelta: Lexi: If I ever really mean it, I'll let you know.
duchessdollydot: John: What do you think of Florence Flint?
occultebelta: Lexi: What about her?
duchessdollydot: John: An opinion about her in general. I know what I think, but I'm curious as to your take on her.
occultebelta: Lexi: She's a bit nutty, but she's a courageous woman. At times.
duchessdollydot: John: She's brilliant. She's one of my clients. Well, she and her husband. My question is: why do you think she really went to Italy?
occultebelta: Lexi: For something she's not willing to talk about.
duchessdollydot: John: Well, that I know. I also know that my secretary sure as hell didn't scare her away.
occultebelta: Lexi: Impressive, really.
duchessdollydot: John: What's impressive?
occultebelta: Lexi: That's she's not scared off.
duchessdollydot: John: Would you be scared off by Everild Pinkstone?
occultebelta: Lexi: *snorts* No.
duchessdollydot: John: Then I don't know why she should be.
occultebelta: Lexi: Fair.
duchessdollydot: John: All right, I think it's time for me to go to work.
occultebelta: Lexi: All right, all right. *blows a kiss*
duchessdollydot: John: *rolls out of bed and goes to take a quick shower before work*
occultebelta: Lexi: *lounges about*
duchessdollydot: John: *gets to go make lots and lots of money, yay*
occultebelta: Lexi: *does nothing!*
duchessdollydot: XD And they all live happily ever after.
occultebelta: Right. XDXD
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