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And I am too lazy to add in LJ usernames. You know who plays who.

Bracer: *gets a paper with a picture of him* ...Im?

Imogene: Yes?

Bracer: *shows her the paper* You know this bloke?

Imogene: *slightly flustered* Yeah, you could say that. Um, that's my dad.

Bracer: *looks between them for a couple seconds* Brill.

Imogene: Yeah, um, if you could like not tell anyone else here, that'd be brill. Because the whole hating Muggles thing, you know?

Bracer: No problem. No one wants to read this anyway since the pictures don't move. Dad sends it to me once a week.

Imogene: Oh, right. Well, I just get a little nervous is all...does your dad send you anything else? *misses the Muggle world a lot*

Bracer: Sometimes he sends music magazines. You can read them if you want. They're all in my trunk.

Imogene: *is going ot give Bracer her telephone number*

Bracer: Sweet. *can definitely call*

Imogene: Good. Because I think my brothers think that I'm making my friends up.

Bracer: Ha! Well, can't you show them photographs?

Imogene: Yes, but, they say that I forced people to stand in them with me.

Bracer: Well, I'd be happy to show them that you're not mad.

Imogene: Good! Also, it is my personal mission to make you sleep tonight.

Bracer: I would owe you my life.

Imogene: I put the wireless on some classical music, I made some herbal tea, also I have some warm milk, and I would have gotten Binns too, but he wouldn't come.

Bracer: No? That's too bad. *really appreciates her trying*

Imogene: It really was, because I think that would have been the key.

Bracer: No doubt. I should have taken that class this term.

Imogene: If only, if only.

Bracer: Thanks for all this, by the way.

Imogene: It's not a problem. And if you can't sleep, I'll stay up and talk to you. *doesn't mind*

Bracer:, thanks. I'm going to go ahead and warn you that I don't have much faith in going to sleep tonight.

Imogene: Come on. The tea is supposed to work, my mum drinks it everynight before bed. Oooh, to bad you're not Prefect, you could take a nice long bath, in an actual bath. That would have worked too.

Bracer: That would be amazing. I've heard about that bath.

Imogene: That would be the only good thing about being Prefect.

Bracer: You don't think Jill's still awake, do you?

Imogene: Let's find out!

Imogene: Jill? Jilly, you awake?

Jill: ...nngh. no.

Imogene: Can you be awake?

Jill: 'm talking, yeah.

Imogene: We want to see the Prefects bath!

Jill: ... ...okay, yeah. Let me get my slippers.

Imogene: Yes. You're the absolute best!

Jill: *yawns* I know!

Bracer: *can't believe it* God, yes, what Im said.

Imogene: This sounds incredibly geeky, but I'm so excited.

Bracer: It's not geeky. Wanting to get into the Prefects bath is the least geeky thing in the world right now.

Jill: *has her bunny slippers!* Okay, let's go!

Imogene: Okay good, because this is really kind of made of awesome.

Bracer: *not quite sure what to expect*

Jill: It's really brill in there. Loads of different coloured and scented bubbles and it's ginormous.

Imogene: Ginormous? *amused* It sounds brilliant. I mean, completely brilliant.

Jill: It is!

Bracer: *wonders if he should have brought a towel or something*

Imogene: Maybe there will be towels in the bathroom?

Bracer: *not what he meant, but* Yeah, probably. I hope so. Otherwise the prefects would always be carrying towels around or something.

Imogene: *giggles* *imagines Prefects walking around in just towels* That would be kind of amusing.

Bracer: ...Especially for the Prefects that would never be caught wearing nothing but a towel.

Imogene: Can you imagine the look on Denny Nigul's face?

Bracer: ... *LAUGHS*

Jill: Aw, she's really sweet, guys.

Imogene: But *giggles more* THE LOOK ON HER FACE, JILL.

Jill: ...well. Okay. I'll give you that!

Imogene: ...wait. Jill. People don't do it in there do they? *thinks that might be kind of gross to catch someone*

Jill: *thinks* Um. I haven't seen anyone, but it's probably a good place. They'd have to have a prefect let them in, though!

Bracer: Or be a prefect themselves.

Imogene: Or Quidditch Captain!

Bracer: Well, there goes the whole neighborhood.

Imogene: Well, it's late, so there probably isn't anyone in there!

Bracer: True, it's well after curfew now.

Imogene: But we have a Prefect with us!

Bracer: Yes, that we do! And I don't think that anyone else roused a Prefect at this late at night to take them to the baths for an insomnia cure.

Imogene: Most likely not. :] And that's why we're Hufflepuffs.

Bracer: Easily the best house in the entirety of Hogwarts.

Imogene: Damn straight.

Jill: Okay! *opens doors* Here we go!

Imogene: *jaw drop*

Bracer: *steps in, eyes wide* Holy Mother. Jill, I can't believe you've kept this from us for this long.

Imogene: Me neither. Jill. This is amazing.

Jill: Isn't it?

Imogene: ...this is worth being Prefect for.

Jill: It totally is. I love the purple bubbles, come look!

Imogene: Purple?

Jill: Yes!!!

Bracer: *was kind of hoping for something a bit more... not garishly purple*

Imogene: Well, there are probably more, right?

Jill: About a million more!

Bracer: O_O

Jill: Well, not really, but it's a lot!!

Imogene: Show us some more? *takes her slippers off her feet, sits down, and dangles her feet into the bath*

Jill: Okay! Like what?

Bracer: Something relaxing? *really would like to get all the way in, but doesn't exactly think that's appropriate right now, so just copies Imogene*

Imogene: I wish I had my bathers.

Bracer: They'd be nice right about now. Mine, I mean. Though I'm sure yours are nice, as well.

Imogene: *giggles* They're not too bad. My mum says they better be for the price.

Jill: *giggles* *sits down with them and puts the soothing bubbles in, though she's sleepy enough as it is*

Imogene: This is the nicest bathroom I've ever been in. *still looking around*

Bracer: I can agree with that, yeah. *pauses* Okay, I'm just going to throw this out there and you can tell me I'm wrong or that I've been sleep deprived for too long but don't you think it's silly that we're not actually in the water?

Imogene: No, it really is kind of silly. I was thinking the same thing. I mean, we've all got on our underthings, right?

Jill: I do!

Bracer: Yeah, of course.

Imogene: So, there's not a problem, right? Let's get in, because that looks way too great.

Bracer: *already half-way undressed*

Jill: *majorly giggly right now* Yeah, let's!

Imogene: *is kind of giggly* Okay. Bracer, look the other way and we'll tell you when we're in.

Bracer: Yeah, yeah. *turns around*

Imogene: *giggly strips down to her underwear and gets in*

Jill: *really REALLY glad they're the only ones in there* *does the same*

Imogene: *is too* Okay Bracer! We're in!

Bracer: *turns back around* Jill, remind me to owe you something huge when we get out of here. This is so nice.

Jill: Haha, okay!

Imogene: Me too, Jill, this is excellent.

Bracer: Brilliant idea to get her up, Im.

Imogene: It really was. I mean, not to call myself brilliant or anything, but I agree that it was a pretty good idea. Because this is the greatest thing.

Bracer: *leans his head against the edge of the bath* I may get to sleep yet.

Imogene: Well, that's the point. *grins and plays with the bubbles*

Bracer: I know, but I had my doubts after this long.

Jill: How long?

Imogene: And don't include any 10 minute naps either. How long since you've slept for hours?

Bracer: Almost three weeks.


Imogene: Bracer! Why didn't you tell us before?

Bracer: *shrugs* I don't know. *didn't really think they'd care*

Imogene: Of course, we care. *frowns*

Bracer: I don't really know. I wasn't worried about it until I started not being able to concentrate and that was only a few days ago.

Jill: Bracer, really, that's not good! We could have helped!

Imogene: *nods* You'll tell us the next time, right? *worries*

Bracer: *a little overwhelmed* Yeah, of course.

Jill: *would hug him, but*

Imogene: *thinks that would be REALLY awkward*

Imogene: Just right now! Not normally.

Jill: *knows*

Bracer: It's the thought that counts. ...*yawns*

Imogene: *goes back to playing with the bubbles* Sleepy, Bracer?

Bracer: *can't seem to keep his eyes open very well* Yeah, actually. You two are fucking saints, I swear it.

Imogene: Well, we can drag you back to Hufflepuff now, if you want! Jill, you'll bring us back another time, right?

Bracer: Might be good, so I don't drown. *really might have to be dragged*

Jill: Of course!!

Imogene: Because this is fabulous.

Bracer: Beyond fabulous.

Jill: I know! *looks at Bracer, nearly asleep* *nudges Im*

Imogene: *grins* *whispers* I knew we could do it.

Jill: *resists urge to squeal* You are so smart, Im.

Imogene: *blushes* I'm just glad that you brought us down here.

Jill: Oh my gosh, you know I wouldn't have said no! This is way better than sleeping. ...*glances at Bracer* Kind of, anyway! *giggles*

Imogene: Well, I figured as much. *giggles* Well, maybe for Bracer, sleeping is better than this.

Bracer: *manages to pull himself out of the water and into a warm towel before he drowns*

Imogene: *giggling* I think that might be our cue to leave.

Jill: *giggles* Yeah, c'mon. It's way late anyway and I won't get up for classes.

Imogene: They'll wonder why too. *just climbs out since Bracer is nearly asleep and wraps herself in a towel*

Jill: And somehow I don't think they'd understand all this if we tried to explain!

Imogene: Oh can you imagine the rumor mill? *groans*

Jill: Ugh, that would not be fun.

Imogene: But this was fun.

Bracer: *walks over to them* It was. Thanks, Jill. *smiles*

Jill: You guys are so welcome!

Imogene: And let's have a standing date to do this again, except bring our bathers next time.

Jill: Yeah, so poor Bracer doesn't have to turn around all the time! *pats his shoulder*

Imogene: Exactly! *grins*

Jill: Yeah! Come on, then, let's get you back to your proper bed, Bracer.

Imogene: *puts her arm around Bracer* Bedtime for you, sleepyhead.

Bracer: *just amused* Really, I mean it, you lot are saints.

Imogene: Just tells us the next time, so we don't have to wait three weeks to be saintly.

Bracer: You only reach saint status after two and a half weeks, so it'll have to have at least a little wait.

Imogene: Well, I can live with pseudo-saint status.

Bracer: Plus you've already been sainted once, I don't think that privilege goes away.

Jill: *just learned what a saint was last week!* *kind of wants to pinch Bracer's cheeks, but doesn't think that'd be helping much*

Imogene: Well, no, it doesn't. *grins*

Bracer: There you-- *yawn* go.

Imogene: Okay, yes, bedtime for Bracer.

Bracer: Good idea. I think I can make it up the stairs on my own.

Imogene: If you're sure!

Bracer: I'm sure. *smiles* Thanks. Really. I mean it.

Jill: You're so welcome! *hugs him now*

Imogene: *hugs him too* Really, anytime.

Bracer: *hugs them both back* Goodnight.

Imogene: Goodnight!

Jill: *waves!!* *waits til he's up the stairs* Poor thing.

Imogene: I can't believe he went three weeks. *frowns*

Jill: I didn't think that was possible!

Imogene: I didn't either.

Jill: I hope he sleeps really well, then. He deserves it!

Imogene: He does. And I'm giving him my notes if he doesn't show up to lessons tomorrow, because I can't blame him.

Jill: Ohhh good idea!

Imogene: I mean, wow. That's a long time without sleep.

Jill: Yeah, even if he did take a nap or two.

Imogene: Although ten minutes isn't really a nap.

Jill: *shakes her head* No, it isn't. I wonder why he couldn't sleep.

Imogene: Me too. But at least now we know the cure.

Jill: !! Yep!

Imogene: Okay, I'm sleepy now

Jill: Me too. Let's go back to sleep, yeah?

Imogene: Good plan. Goodnight, Jill.

Jill: Goodnight, Im!
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