don't be afraid, don't ever be afraid (thinkatory) wrote in leviosameta,
don't be afraid, don't ever be afraid

Kitty: ... XD
Kitty:*is imagining a Bracer/Emma log in the library and them getting kicked out*
Steph: LOL
Steph: YES
Kitty: Bracer: LOL
Kitty: Emma: LOL
Kitty: Madam Pince: WTJ
Kitty: Madam Pince: GTFO
Steph: Bracer: ... ...LOL
Kitty: Emma: LOLOL
Kitty: Madam Pince: SRSLY GTFO
Kitty: Emma: LOL K
Steph: Other Students: ....O______o
Steph: Bracer: LOL THX BAI
Kitty: Emma: TTYL BB
Steph: Bracer: K!
Kitty: XD XD
Steph: Bracer and Emma: *TALK ONLY IN BAD NETSPEAK*
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